Birkins Cheaper In London? Or Paris?

  1. Hi ladies i'm going to be in London and maybe Paris if the answer to my question is "yes"
    Do any of you know the price difference between a birkin in London and Paris vs. the USA and Canada?
  2. The bags are much cheaper in Paris. I don't have exact figures, but they are definitely less expensive in France.
  3. would you say the differnece is in a few hundred dollars? or a couple thousands?
  4. The bags are always more expensive in London by several hundred in some cases - not to mention that they are in extremely short supply. Unless you are a VIP customer, you may not even be shown the one or two bags they do have. Just last week I was, in a whisper, offered a couple of bags in London, and was taken to a secluded corner of the store, away from other customers, to wait and inspect them.

    Why not just get one while you are in Paris, where you are more likely to find a greater selection and where you'll save yourself a bundle?
  5. good idea gina! thanks a lot. I'll call Paris in a few days to see what they have.
  6. gina - so ur a VIP?? owww

    moe cant wait to see what you get!!!
  7. *shrug* I guess. The SA there is familiar with me and what I have/like. I was shown the bags, one of which later was snatched up by a footballer's wife who had happened to see me looking at the bag, but apparently she might not otherwise have been told they had it. Who knows how these things work. :shrugs:

    moe, Paris will not tell you what they have over the phone; you'll just have to pop in (maybe more than once) to try your luck. It's total H-bag Roulette.
  8. ^ oww thats to bad. But at least it was a WAG rather than just another person :biggrin:
  9. Oh thanks for the heads-up. Problem is I'm really going on vacation to England only and making a special stop in Paris just for Hermes. If they don't have what I want I don't want to waste my vacation time there. Gina do you know if they have black birkins in a size 40 there? If they do will they hold it till the middle of the month for a regular customer??
    Thanks :flowers:
  10. They had a black 40 birkin in vache liegee for most of last week, but it was gone by the end of Thursday. They will probably get more black birkins in since that color is quite popular, but no guarantees as to when or how many or what leather. An SA may hold a bag for someone who's already been in to see it, but they don't do it for more than a day or two, max. They may be more accommodating at the Georges V or Hilton, but I have had little experience with those stores.