Birkins Are Banging!!!

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  1. Attention all Birkin fans out there...this thread is for you!

    Due to the huge success of the "Ode To The Bolide" thread, there have been numerous requests to create a Birkin thread of the same nature. Please feel free to post anything regarding the "IT BAG" in this thread. It can be pictures of Birkins, articles, new information you would like to share, and pretty much anything that peaks your interest.

    Most of all, show your passion for "THE BAG OF ALL BAGS"!:queen: :drool: :love:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. ^^^good god. that's one of my dream bags.
  4. Mine too! We have the same love and passion PBC!!!
  5. Birkin Sizes
    Birkin 25cm - W25cm x H20cm x D13cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 30cm - W30cm x H22cm x D16cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 35cm - W35cm x H25cm x D18cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 40cm - W40cm x H30cm x D20cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 45cm - W45cm x H30cm x D20cm ( 2 versions, short & long handles )

    JPG Birkin - W42cm x H20cm x D21cm

    (credit for info. gigi leung)
  6. Ok....this might sound weird....but.....since I'm a bit of a computer reject, can someone put together and post pics of Jane Birkin with her bag all in one place?

    AND VB???? Purty please?????
  7. ^Oh god, yes! pics of VB and her Birkins/Kellys!!
  8. 25 -- The mini sized Birkin "25". Out of all of the Birkins, it's the smallest sized Birkin. Compared to the other Birkins, you can't fit as much, however, the small size is the reason for its elegance! It matches well with dress and recommended for the party scene.

    30 -- Considered a bit small overseas -- "30" Birkin. However, for the smaller framed Japanese people, it's the just size. Out of all of the Birkins, the "30" sized Birkin is the most popular. You can fit quite a lot, and it is very appealing since it is available in lots of color and matierals. It's an all purpose bag -- can be used for daily use or for going out!

    35 -- Of course, the standard is the "35". It's very popular, it is also available in lots of colors and materials. It is rather unique as it is also made in rather uncommon materials, such as vibrato and crinolin. Of course, they are also made in more standard materials and color!

    40 -- The very first Birkin and the brand new shoulder Birkin. The first person who ordered this at Hermes is the actress Jane Birkin who is not good at organization. Now, this size is also used in the brand new Birkin series, the shoulder Birkin which was introduced in 2004.

    (credit info. tokyogirl)
  9. I really love my 30cm Birkin in swift. It's a great leather for everyday. I'd love to get a black box Birkin with ruthenium hardware like Baggs.:drool:

  10. 32cm Black Box HAC with Ruthenium...........
    Hac1.jpg HACfull.jpg
  11. orange in swift :love:

  12. gold in swift:love:


    I love swift!:p
  13. [​IMG]
    beige rose
    vert chartreuse

    vert anis
    Gris Clair
  14. [​IMG]
  15. 35cm Sapphire Blue Fjord
    30cm Rouge H Chevre de Coromandel
    35cm Black Togo
    35cm Vermillion Chevre Mysore
    35cm Vert Anis Togo

    All w/PH
    CIMG1021.jpg CIMG1026.jpg CIMG1027.jpg CIMG1186.jpg