Birkins and Laptops?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I borrowed a Birkin 35 in black togo leather to try it before I purchased one...but it doesn't close with my 13" Macbook in it (necessary for work), and I'm worried a 40 would be a bit big, although I am 5'10 and a size 10-12.

    Do any of you carry laptops in your Birkins? If so, do you go with a 40? Do any tall girls (5'8 +) have modelling pics with your 40's? I'm really leaning toward a 40 now...even if it is crazy heavy!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. My SA advised me not to carry my laptop in my Birkin.
  3. I could easily fit my 12 inch Vaio in my 35, so not sure why your 13 inch computer will not fit. Though I never close my Birkin - way too fussy.

    A 40 is quite heavy for me. With a laptop in it and no strap option, independent of what it might do to the handles, I wouldn't. Perhaps better to get a bag designed for carrying a computer?
  4. As mistikat says, a Vaio fits fine into a 35. I put my HP/Compaq (?don't know the model) in mine without any problems. When I buy laptops, I make sure they fit in a 35. I never close my Birkins, with or without a laptop.
  5. I just measured's 14 inches, and I prefer the option the be able to close mine if I want to. I do prefer the 35, though...thanks for your input!
  6. 2 problems with laptops and Birkins. You must put the computer in a padded sleeve because the Birkin really offers not enough protection from bumps and stuff. You're hand carrying the bag and it gets very heavy with all that weight. I think that's the main drawback. You need a shoulder strap IMHO.

    The new netbooks aren't so much of an issue, but you still should pad them.
  7. I use my LV Mahina XL to carry it usually, as it's over the shoulder, but I love the look of toting my laptop in a classy Birkin to meetings once in awhile. I love how it's a mix of fashion and yet businesslike too at the same time.
  8. i was told by my SA not to but if you are going to get a 40cm point 1 it closes point2 the bottom is reinforced so it in a way holds the weight better but if this is what you want and you want to close it go for 40cm kelly sellier that in this case works so much better !!!!
  9. I carry a netbook in my Birkin - it's a 10.2" netbook and I put it inside its sleeve, and into the Birkin.
    No issues with weight or fitting. My previous laptop was too big and heavy to fit in a Birkin 35.
  10. I have carried laptops in my (35) birkins for years. I'm not sure if I've ever tried to close the bag with the compute inside.
  11. I've never closed my birkin. As Mistikat says, it's too much of a hassle getting things in and out. This is my 13-inch Macbook Air in my orange birkin 35, who's gone to a good home now. It fits perfectly.

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  12. Thanks for the pictures, couturecreature! Your baby was gorgeous! That's how the one I'm borrowing looks with my laptop in it, but I love the look of it closed, or more closed. I think I'll go with the 40!
  13. Good choice I just purchased one in epsom not as heavy as other leathers. I use this for a brief case when I travel and take a shoulder bag such as lindy or sokelly this way I have to bags to use and do not have to pack any. I do not think you will be disappointed.
  14. wondrfull i also got mine not long ago ,its fjord gold 40cm as i said and you will enjoy it so much and love the fact that closed it looks divine. so im happy you found that the bag is perfect for you !!!!
  15. I'm just wondering since I'll be travelling soon and am not sure if it would harm the bag to carry a laptop which weighs 6lbs... plus a few more items. I actually just got the bag (after not believing I would get one this year anymore...) and am a bit scared to use it lol. I'm very thankful for your input