Birkins and Kellys GALORE at Toronto's H store!!!

  1. OMG!!! I thought I died and gone to Hermes heaven - Toronto H store was PACKED with Birkins and Kellys in all leathers and sizes!!!:nuts: I tried on 35cm Burgundy (pardon the lack of knowledge of actual H color names) Birkin w/GH in Fjord :drool: ($9200.00 + tax Canadian) and a 32cm black box Kelly w/GH :drool: !!! OMG!!! They had Birkins in 25, 30 and 35 as well as Kellys in all sizes and leathers. I was DROOLING all over the place!!! I have never seen so many H bags under the same roof!!!:love: There was a customer (trying on H boots) with the most STUNNING croc Birkin I've ever seen!!!:nuts: This was my first visit to Hermes store EVER so I didn't know what to expect but it was quite nice. I just hope that the next time I go in (ready to buy :graucho:) they will have as much to choose from as they did today!!!
  2. oh man Irene, that does indeed sound like pure Hermes heaven!!! :drool:

    What did you think of the Birkin you tried on? :graucho:
  3. It was love at first sight, Jen!!! I was curious to try on a Birkin in 35cm and was really surprised at how well that size looked on!!!:love:
  4. Omg!!!i'm Freaking Out!!!!
  5. Ok, my heart is fluttering too fast, get me some meds please!!!!!
  6. GO GO GO!!!:graucho:
  7. Please tell me that I am dreaming this thread or get me on a flight asap!

    KOU lets ditch Vegas and head to Toronto!!
  8. :graucho: I thought I was dreaming when I was IN the actual store!!!
  9. LV_addict....are you still an LV_addict? (just kidding)

    Black box is gorgeous isn't it???? Lucky you got to see all those bags.
  10. WOW. NY girls---airfare is usually not much more than $100 r/t! "Road" trip anyone?
  11. :yes: :yahoo:
  12. OMG!!! After today, I am NO LONGER an LV addict!!!:sweatdrop: It was fascinating being in that store!!! And all those COLORS and leathers!!! I am IN LOVE!!!:love: Yes, black box IS GORGEOUS!!! And 32 is a perfect size for me!!!:graucho:
  13. Lucky girl! Did the store just get their first holiday shipment.......or did the store just re open....? Did you see any exotics??
  14. OMG Irene! You are so lucky! I am SO pissed I didn't go there last weekend! Will definitely have to go next time I am in Toronto!
  15. THUNDERING JESUS, Irene!!!! Did you buy anything????? Holy Cow!!! What heaven!!!!!!