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  1. I purchased a 32 Kelly last month. Since birkins look like Kelly's but with one handle. Is it worth it to buy birkins if you already own a Kelly?
  2. With all due respect that is a really individual/personal decision--what is worth buying and why or why not. The Kelly has been around much longer and is a classic bag that is an icon. The Birkin is a relatively modern bag that has become something of an Icon but for different reasons. They are very different bags despite many shared details. Many of have both styles. Personally I prefer the Kelly aesthetically but I dont find it as easy to use.
  3. I don't agree at all that a Birkin looks like a Kelly. They are functionally different as well. There is definitely room in a collection for both styles. No doubt.
  4. If you wouldn't mind doing a search on this topic, there are literally dozens of existing threads on Birkins vs. Kellys and the merits of each bag.

    Thanks; closing this so you can do some research and if you would still like to, contribute to an existing thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.