Birkin with out "Hermes Paris" Stamp?

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  1. hmmm looks suspicious, and do the handle's seem a little long as well? I dont have a Birkin myself, so I may be wrong
  2. I also just noticed that the resin is blue. Shouldn't it be brown on a Birkin of this color?

  3. There is one very plausible explanation for this observation. (The stamping is not the only thing missing.)
  4. I'm thinking some look-alike, inspired by type s***.
  5. How disappointing! I quite like this girls' style otherwise.

  6. Exactly my thought...
  7. It's a look-alike! Not the real thing at all.
  8. how awful! to be a vogue staffer and carry a fake is distasteful!
  9. ^ ita!
  10. How can she work at Vogue and carry a fake literally no morals.
  11. She's quoted as saying "This giant blue Birkin bag is a hand-me-down from my mom."

    Maybe she doesn't know it's not the real thing. :shrugs::shrugs:
  12. So who is going to break the news to Vogue??!! The image is a bit of an embarrassment to both Vogue and the owner of the poor blue bag.
  13. Close up
  14. Still not real to me.