Birkin with cowhide bottom and croc top?

  1. Is there such a thing as a Birkin with a natural hide with the hair on it? I have seen a woman bag from a distance with a bag that looks like a Birkin. The bottom is multi colored--cream, brown, black furry hide and the top and handles look like black crocodile.
  2. There soon will be. A HAC in ponyskin, to be exact.
  3. OH NO!!!! That's another leather I won't buy... (ostrich is also off for me since the poor ostrichs get plucked alive).

    Pampered, I believe what you saw was a lookalike bag, not an authentic Birkin.
  4. don't the crinoline Birkins have hair on them??
  6. Oh my gosh Hello. The Ostrichs get plucked alive. Where did you read that and tell me more. I love Ostrich bags but will forgo another if this is the case.
  7. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: OMG I never knew that...
  8. the crinoline is woven from the long tail hairs from horses -- i *suspect* that it comes from horses slaughtered for meat, since i can't think of any other supply source for horses' tails. hermes was non-committal when questioned.

    but i'm pretty sure that "pony skin" is actually cow hide.
  9. OSTRICHS GET PLUCKED ALIVE? Are you serious? WHere'd you hear that from? That's so alarming if true
  10. ^it's true. We had a whole thread on it ages ago. If they were plucked when dead, there would be holes all over your ostrich bags.

    No ostrich for GF.
  11. all leather bags are made from dead animal skin:idea:
  12. yes, but i prefer that it not be abused while still wearing its own skin. no ostrich for DQ either . . . .
  13. Pony hair is just another term for "velvety" cowhide. No worries.
  14. It is true. It is necessary to pluck when the bird is alive so the hole will shrink back to minimum:s .
  15. Yes, this is why no exotics for ostrich bag is quite old, but I would not get another. i admire from afar....
    I am all cow, all the time, when it comes to H.
    I would do the crinoline though....