Birkin - What colour do you prefer??

  1. I have just put my name on the waiting list for a 35 birkin in Gold and this is my very 1st birkin :smile: .

    What colour would you like to choose for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd birkins?
  2. I love black in Birkins. But close second is Raisin, Blue Jean and Rouge H equally.
  3. I too love black (was my first), raisin (my third), and blue brighton (my second). I also absolute crave a dark brown, like chocolate or ebene.
    Those are the only colors i truly covet.
  4. Lucky you more and you are complete!
  5. Thx Gazoo, Black was my 1st choice too, but they've only got gold available to order at that time.

    What do you think of the colour of etoupe?
  6. I would want Gold, Blue Jean and perhaps Chocolate or Black box!!!
  7. It changes every week, right now I'm dreaming about olive :girlsigh:

  8. I wish (or I should say my DH and my wallet wish)! ....but I covet the 30, 35, and HAC in gh and ph... in box, evergrain, chevre, and togo or clemence! ...oh, and maybe a Kelly too, when I grow up!;) :push:
  9. I've just placed an order for my very 1st birkin and already started to think of a 2nd one. Am I the only one?

    My SA told me that I can only purchase one birkin per year, is that true?
  10. icechick : I think olive is a very nice colour. 2 weeks ago my local H store offered me to buy a vert olive lindy which was very tempting. A very nice bag though.
  11. I feel Etoupe is a great neutral....besides being so pretty with the white topstitch.
  12. Ros, Birkins are like potatochips and you know what they say about eating just one potatochip:p
  13. isus : I love potatochips very much, no wonder why I love Hermes so much too. :drool:
  14. Oh my, that Lindy must have been beautiful. And isus is right about the pringles effect, you can't have just one. I've got one of my dream bags on the way and I'm already fantasizing about the next one. I almost feel guilty, lol
  15. icechick : tell me more about your dream bag please