Birkin weight

  1. A sour note on Birkins...I can't stand the weight. My togo 35 is just too heavy. This weekend, I carried it on a shopping trip and my husband ended up carrying it for me as it felt like luggage to me. I need to hit the gym ASAP to build up my arms if I want to use it everyday! How do you ladies deal with the weight?
  2. As far as I know, togo and clemence are among the heaviest leathers. Box and chevre are considerably lighter. Mine are both 30cms, the heavier one, clemence, when fully loaded, I can still stand the weight w/o feeling uncomfortable.

    Does anyone ever check the difference in weight b/w 35 togo and 30 togo just for refrence? I know 35 is heavier, but by how much, that I'm curious.

    Where do you usually carry your birkin? Crook of arm, higher, handheld? I think there is a post about a similar topic a few days back made by Greentea if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps you can scroll down to check that thread.
  3. I think the weight is the only drawback Birkins have...I have problems both in my sholders and my elbows(not caused by Birkins..) and doctor's orders say I shouldn't carry weights, by this I don't mean 20lb, I mean 2lb! For a considerable time I had stopped using my B all together, now I'm better so I've started again , but I can't carry it around for hours at a time...

    I think that besides the leather itself, the rigid bottom of Birkins is very heavy... I weighed my Birkins once and was suprised what little difference there is between different sizes: I have 2 40 cm Birkins and one 35, and there are only 200 gr. difference between the 35 and 40. But this depends a lot on what leather they are, because my 35 is Clemence which is one of the heaviest leathers...:flowers:
  4. I'm going for the chevre leather next for a birkin!
  5. Me, too or anything in a 30cm.
    Happy, I wrote a similar thread down the page called "Birkin Elbow."
    I'm happy with my Birkin for the way I use it. I've decided it's not a carry-all-day-everyday bag. For that, I'll get an Evelyne and a Plume.
  6. It's not just the Birkins either because my 31cm togo Bolide was a serious pain in the arm and the narrow shoulder strap dug into my shoulder after a period of time.:sad:
  7. I think I'm beginning to like Kelly better than Birkin. It also forces me not to carry around as much junk.
  8. If I get a Bolide, I think it will be in Chevre. But, really the best H bag
    for those of us who dislike heavy bags is the Plume - light as a "feather!"
    This will be my next big-ticket bag. I'd love another Birkin 30 or 35, but since I already have one, I'm fine about being very patient and waiting for chevre in black or chocolate brown.
  9. Not to pick on you Greentea (I :heart: you!) but I love that we eat/sleep/breathe, and apparently TYPE everything Hermes!!! I was looking for the "anise" after the "vert" LOL!:lol: (or is it anis?) Okay, little things amuse me...I am really, pleasantly surprised how light the plume is - do you think it's just that it's box leather or the shape overall?
  10. Hehe - I saw it too and fixed it!
    They call it the Plume because, overall, it's extremely lightweight. Box will be lighter than Togo in this bag, but I'm sure I'd be fine with it in Togo.
    I'd :heart: one in Chevre but Chevre isn't done in Gold or Blue Jean, two colors I'm considering for this bag.
    I use my LV Speedy 30 a lot and would like a similar H replacement. Gold Togo would be close but I think Blue Jean would be gorgeous in a Plume.
  11. Greentea, I think I saw a Chevre Birkin in gold a few weeks ago on Ebay. Please check. I would love a Plume next....I think Plume means "feather"? I'm worried about a 35 Birkin now because of the weight. Is ostrich light? Thanks!
  12. lovehermes, you're right - I think MK has/d one up but it's very rare. Not sure that gold is best in Chevre. I think it looks best in Togo or Clemence. Plume does mean feather.
    If you're planning to use a Birkin all day long and really stuff it with your life, it may be too heavy for you. The way I use it, it's fine. I don't stuff it and give myself breaks.
    I have no experience with ostrich but Shoes has an ostrich Kelly...
  13. LH, I believe ostrich IS lighter than togo (IMO), and chevre is lighter than both - not quite sure how chevre and box compare yet though...
  14. i might be the weakest of u all :sick: :sick:

    I found my 30 box to be quite heavy after fully stuffed... i cannot imagine carrying a 35 togo... :Push: :Push:
  15. From what I've heard, Chevre is the lightest followed by box.