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Jul 29, 2011
Hello ladies!
I think I'm finally ready to get on a waitlist for a Birkin. Currently plummeting Chanel quality made me do it. I am just done with questionable durability.

I did visit the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore flagship last year and although I got some lovely purchases, I didn't have any luck with the online reservation system for bags.

I would really love any update tips on how to successfully get on a waitlist and eventually secure one here in the US. Yes, there is a sticky on this topic, but all the links are dead. I also did a search, but I'm not finding exactly what I need. Hopefully, this thread will help others in the same boat as me too :smile:

I wanted some current info.. I do know the specific size I want, but I'm open to color.

1. Have you ladies had more success with being open to size/color, or are specific sizes and colors required when putting your name down?

2. Is there any size or color I should avoid asking for, for a first Birkin (due to rarity)?

3. Can I just go to my local boutique and ask to have my name added to a waitlist, or is there a requirement (such as prior shopping history)? As I mentioned, I have prior purchases with Hermes but none in the US, and no bags.

4. Is there a unique waitlist for every boutique, or a "centralized" one? Has anyone put their name down on multiple waitlists for the same bag?

Many thanks, and hopefully one day i'll attain her and be able to share her with you all!! :smile:


Uh oh...
Feb 10, 2007
Bad news. In the USA there is no such thing as a waitlist anymore. They ended that practice about five years ago (maybe more). Now it is all about relationship building and being in the right place at the right time. For best results, you will need to shop in person in one store with one SA exclusively and purchase other items from the brand in, preferably, categories other than leather goods. Search the forum for the keyword “newbie” and you should find a lot of advice. Also the Maintaining an H Relationship thread is a good one. Good luck!


Jul 5, 2017
Decide size, leather, color and hardware, decide the combination your heart begs for and keep focused about it. Build a relationship in a smaller boutique with a SA that you really feel that could help you, buy other stuff but only what you really like, and before it all, learn, search at the forum, learn about the brand, take a look at all kinds of YouTube videos, all comments about the brand, everything, and you will understand the magic about it and start loving everything automatically probably, in countries I don’t have a purchase history, if I want a quote bag, I keep open to 3/4 colors of what I am seeing some ladies being offered here, and that I like and I am open, I get in the boutique and ask for other bags at first, like Bolide In a similar color to what I would like a Birkin and that the probability of having this model is hard in this color, i also browse size and leather for this first bag, when SA tells me doesn’t have a bolide, I ask for another bag like a ToolBox, and make the same thing, the SA comes with no good news, I say that I am really sad about it, and start walking around at the boutique to check stuff, I check shoes, or watches and I buy if I like it, when I say want that watch or shoe for example, after deciding I keep walking thru the store, when all of sudden I look to a bag that could be at list 20% similar to a Birkin and than get closer to the sa And ask if he has a selected Birkin combination, saying exact size and leather and asking for a color or similarities.. This usually works, and I start a new relationship with a new sa in a new country for me. Look natural and as I said, study the brand. If you are in Paris, just be extremely focused, stay in line at Sèvres or George V, be the third or second in line to get it, and keep on trying to get an appointment at faubourg, you will be able to have someone to help if you keep focused at a level you don’t accept leaving the city without the bag. When you get the appointment, show a bit of knowledge about the brand and wear things that are harder for sa to sell, like some types of watches from H, ask for the exact combination you want no matter how hard it is to get, but exactly what you have in mind, you can be offered it or be offered something else that can probably make your heart make your mind think that you can’t leave the store without it. Understand that there is no guide but experiencies that can help, Don’t create extremely big expectations. If all this process is not worth to you, just go to store and buy stuff you like, and wait, wait wait, some people think this is fun, I am not into it. I am sorry for the big text lol
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