Birkin waiting list


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Dec 29, 2005
Hey all!

I am seriously considering purchasing a Birkin in the next few years, and I want to put myself on the waiting list now, if the long wait times are true. I've heard many different rumors about how long of a wait the Birkin list is..anywhere from two years to six years.

Have any of you ever been on the list or know anybody who has been on it? How long is the wait? And do you have to put a down payment on the bag to be on the list?

Thank you for your help!
Hi Andrea,

My husband called our local Hermes store (SF) and found out there's no more waiting list....I don't know if it's the same everywhere, but I think it is. It's now on a first come, first serve basis. Maybe someone else knows more details???
As far as i know, the Hermes in DC, Southcoast plaza (costa mesa), and Las vegas are no longer accepting new orders. The waitinglists are closed for those stores.
You neee to stop by the stores because they are there from time to time. I would also recommend you purchase one if you go to Europe because when I went they are readily available in the Hermes there.
Lists are closed here, but birkins come in every so often. I've heard estimates from 3-10 a month. I'm hoping that mine will show it's face while I'm there, but what are the odds!!! :biggrin:
Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm definitely going on the waiting list now, I just hope the Chicago store's list is open. In 3 years I will be able to afford a Birkin and then some. ;)
No down payment, which is why those lists don't really work. The bags cost as much as a car and they used to let women order them without taking a penny! My husband thought that was unbelievable.

Just find a nice associate who will call you when your specs come in.