Birkin waiting list

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  1. Hi all, I am really curious to find out how long it really takes to get hold of a Birkin.I have a 35cm black and a 30cm white birkin, both bought from London.
    I waited a month for my white birkin, but I didn’t have to wait for the black one because the SA said they had a cancellation.
    To be honest I don’t know anyone in real life that has waited more than 3 or 4 months for their birkins. If you have actually bought one, can you please let us know how long you had to wait for yours?
  2. BLUESKY, I have been waiting for years. If it isn't for one reason it is for another. Just trying to get on a waitlist you have to wait for the list to reopen. Then, you have to wait your turn. You never know what bag will come in and if it will be your turn. You may have success to walk in a store and be offered a birkin, but you have to have some luck.
    Some people have visited every day of the week to see if a birkin will be there until they find one. It is not like you can walk in and order the birkin of your choice. That is considered a special order and in most cases you have to be a regular customer to be considered for a special order. I am not one to ask about this because I have not had luck on my quest for a birkin.
  3. You're so lucky. I'm on a waitlist for black and that might take 1-2 years (as I'm told).
  4. Bluesky,
    I was offered a birkin due to cancellation as well. I know quite a lot of people got their bags the same way. If you check on the other forums, you will see that cancellation is a very common excuse use by the SA to sell the bags they have in stock. Not all birkins are made to order, the stores will have new stocks in from time to time, the problem is getting the SA to sell you the bag without destroying the myth of the 2 yrs waiting list.
    Personally I think the long waiting list helps to make the birkin far more desirable and it’s a very successful marketing plot.

    If you really want a black birkin, maybe you could try what i did. Go download the phone number of all the Hermes in your area. Call them on the phone and ask if they have any cancellation, assure them you are willing to pay for the bag over the phone with your credit card. A black birkin shouldn't be that hard to get, you may be surprise; they might just have a cancellationJ good luck.

  5. Many of the boutiques won't take orders over the phone for a birkin...even with a credit card.
  6. I thought Hermes never allows a caller to purchase a Birkin over the phone or even put it on hold for a customer calling. :wondering
  7. They don't - I've tried. :sad: They won't even do it for a Kelly.
    Part of the reason I was told is that Hermes has become quite regional. Since a store is alloted only a certain number of the "big" bags, they like to reserve them for customers in that area.
  8. My SA allowed me to charge my Birkin over the phone, but I had to drive the 2 hours up to South Coast Plaza to pick it up in person.;)
  9. Yes, but you live in SoCal and the bag wouldn't have to be shipped. They'll hold something with a credit card but you have to come and fetch it.
    What they won't do, unless, perhaps you're a VIP is charge-send a Birkin/Kelly that's in, for instance- Dallas, if you live in Los Angeles.
  10. Yes, she wouldn't do a charge-send. I asked them to, but they insisted I HAD to pick it up in person.
  11. Yup! It can be crazy if you get a call and can't come down to get it!
    How long did they give you to pick it up?
  12. As I recall she called me on a Tuesday and said I had to tell her by Friday if I wanted it to buy it. I thought about it for about ONE HOUR:P and then called her back and charged it. I drove up that Saturday to pick it up.

    I can't remember if they told me I had to pick it up by a certain date. I just knew I wanted it as soon as I could get my grubby little hands on it.:lol:
  13. Did I mention I have since married and have had three kids while waiting? Maybe I will have another baby before my birkin arrives...
  14. I predict that the Birkin will be your next baby, KB!
  15. They took my credit card details over the phone, but they didn't charge my card. I had to bring the same card to the store the following day to collect the bag, it was then that my card was charged. By offering to pay with your credit card over the phone is just to assure them that you are not a timewaster and you will show up to collect the bag.