birkin wait list...

  1. hello ladies...
    i did a seach but i coudln't find the info im looking for so maybe you can help me:yes:

    To get on the wait list for a birkin what does it entail?
    im guessing they take your name and address but do they require a cc# to keep on file or do you have to pay somekind of down payment to hold your name on the list?

    Do they also give you a receipt with the SA name who put your name on the list or is your name put in a computer system

    Since the wait time varies from 9 month - 2 years how do you know that by the time the 2 year comes they haven't lost your info or place on the waiting list?

    i would like to know what is done when you are put on the list:rolleyes:

    thank you ladies:flowers:
  2. From my experience, you don't need to give a deposit or even a credit card info. You simply fill up a form indicating the style and size of bag you want and color and leather. They ask for your first preference and a second one for color and leather. Once a bag becomes available, they will call the name who is next on the list. You come in and take a look at the bag and have the choice to buy it or not.
  3. Unless you are fortunate enough to walk into a Hermes Boutique and find the bag you are looking for on display (would be next to impossible) there is a certain protocol that is maintained when purchasing a Hermes handbag. First, you establish a relationship with an Sales Associate at one of the Hermes Boutiques. You make small purchases, i.e. enamel bracelet, scarf, fragrance, small leather goods or jewelry. Once that relationship has been established and you have made contact with the SA several times or been into the boutique several times, you begin to inquire about the leathers, colors and sizes of the bag you would like to order. Once you have proven to an SA that you are genuinely interested in Hermes and their product line, then you request to place an order for the bag you would like. The manager of each boutique goes to Paris twice a year to what is called Podium. The orders are submitted at Podium and then Paris decides which of those orders will be produced. Once the boutique has received confirmation that your order has been accepted for production, they will notify you by phone. The Reserve List is closed at some of the US boutiques. Occasionally, someone who has ordered a handbag will not be able to accept the order when it arrives, so the boutique will began working down the Reserve List and call to see if the next person on the list would like to come in and purchase the bag.
    There really is a protocol, Hermes is one company that you do not just walk in and buy a handbag. Please note I am speaking of the US boutiques, the one I shop with and others that I have been told about. I don't know if Hermes follows the same protocol in boutiques outside the US.
  4. Some of the boutiques not directly owned by Hermes do require a deposit. Cuff's in Ohio requires 50% down.
  5. I walked into the Hermes store in KOP,Pa and asked to be put on the waitlist 3 yrs ago.
    They asked me what I wanted and I called periodically to see how long it would be .I didnt buy lots of acessories at the store and when the bag was ready to be ordered the manager called me to confirm my order and 5 months later my birkin was in. Since I purchased that bag, I have established a relationship with a SA and she has been very nice to deal with-I have another birkin on order and she calls me periodically to let me know when it will be in. Maybe diff stores have diff policies.
  6. solidgold2,
    As bagmom has related there are apparently different ways of placing your order. My post relates to my experience and experiences of others I know who own Birkin handbags.I followed the suggestions of several Birkin owners. I have made purchases, because I wanted more Hermes products than just a Birkin handbag. I am sure no one is required to make a purchase just to place an order. Good Luck with your order.
  7. what if i don't like anything...doesn't seem right that i have to buy something and waste money on items that i don't want just so i can get on there good graces?:wondering
  8. That's why there is the resellers' route.
  9. its impossible not to like anything from Hermes.

    Hermes likes to sell things to customs that appreciate the entire brand not just the birkin.

    and its impossible not to appreciate the entire brand. its all just glorious!
  10. Yes, GG07, that is the point I was making. I will speak directly about the H boutique where I shop. They like for their clients to appreciate Hermes as a whole, not just want to acquire a Birkin or Kelly. As you said it is impossible not to love the Hermes inventory of things other than handbags. Every Hermes item is so high end and well made. Just to think there are 2800 hand stitches in a Birkin bag--- the bag never touches a machine. Now THAT is quality.
    Again, speaking only about the H boutique where I shop, you definitely cannot call and request to be placed on the reserve list for a Birkin. You will be told that the list has been closed for 3 years. I love the fact that Hermes has rules and guidelines that the boutique adheres to. It makes the brand so much more exclusive. Hermes is not just a status symbol, it is an item of luxury and quality. Every item they sale can be appreciated for the quality and high standards.
  11. i don't want a birkin because i think it's a status symbol. I adore it because of it's clean line of design and the quality...i love the fact that i can use it now and still be able to use it when im's timeless and classic:smile:

    I just called 2 stores and one told me the wait list is closed and the other told me there isn't a wait list but you have to go in and see what they have if they happen to have the bag that you want you can get it. Im confused because it seems like every store has there own rules. I have also been reading threads and it's all different information :confused1:

    i agree Every item they sale can be appreciated for the quality and high standards but that doesn't mean im going to like it for my own use. I have seen the scarfs on some tpf members and they look soo beautiful but i don't think it's for me so i don't see why i have to buy something i don't want or will use =/
  12. well the general rules are this:

    -go into the boutique frequently randomly you might get lucky walking in and there is a birkin on the shelf.

    If you only want a birkin and don't want to get from reseller...then just go into the boutique alot to see if they have on the shelf. At my boutique this happens once every 6 months or so...and you cant be picky because what is there is there.

    -Establish a relationship with a Sa. go and buy a scarf, wallet, whatever and build a relationship.

    The Golden rule of Hermes to me is: Hermes loves its clients and clients love Hermes.

    Hermes wants to help the clients that adore Hermes for not only the bags....

    which makes any store, etc they want to get a limited supply or something to the biggest fans....
  13. I agree with Penny all the way.
  14. ok silly question i know but would it be tacky if i go in with LV bag? would they turn noses down to that or use a non label bag (devi kroell)
  15. go in with confidence. that is all that matters. a big smile and a kind heart.