Birkin vs Kelly

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  1. Birkins seem to be much more available than Kellys, but sellier Ks are hardest of all. Also, the rare leathers (box, Barenia) are even harder to find than specific styles and sizes. This would all make sense since these bags and leathers take a particular artisan to make them.
    Constance doesn't seem rare to me at all, but YMMV.
  2. was once told the time to get K is shorter than B if you are on a “waitlist”... could mean either more supply or less demand though
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  3. It all depends what have been ordered for that particular boutique and what are the clients are looking for. There is no way to predict this.
    Although I would say Constance is not that hard to get since it's not quota bag for a lot of boutiques.
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  4. Thank you guys for all the replies! My first was a B 30 and I’m hoping for a K as my second
  5. Was first offered a B.....then a C.....then a K.
  6. What does this mean? They wouldn't let you get the black even though you were good enough for a blue? Do they tell you a price threshold you have to make to take the other bag home? Or do you mean you kept on purchasing so the SA would put you on the black B list?
  7. I was offered a Kelly pretty easily, never been offered a Birkin. And I seem to get an offer for Constance easily as well for some reason.