Birkin vs Kelly vs Bolide


Mar 6, 2006
My loves are the non Birkin/Kelly/Bolide H bags but between the three I'd pick the Birkin. :tup: I'm more drawn to tote styles in general.


May 25, 2006
too far from Hermes
Ack, S'mom I always LOVE your modeling pics!! I used to prefer rigid Kellys, but pics like this make me love the souple ones more and more.

Becca, you have gotten great advice so far. I totally agree with Angelfish that even once you decide what you want, when you get to the boutique, something else may grab you! I went in for a plume, but then there was my Bolide sitting there . . .

I love my Bolide--having little kids, I am thankful every day for its shoulder strap and how easy it is to get into. For me, I feel my Bolide is too big for going out at night--I have a 31cm, but I am 5'1", and I prefer a smaller look in a bag for going out. I think for taller people, the Bolide can look great at night, especially in a stiff leather.


Dec 9, 2006
a kelly in clemence or togo with palladium hardware is less formal than a birkin in box or any other stiff leather and gold hardware. and a canvas strap will make it even less formal.
if you'll mostly be using your bags in the evening i'd go with a kelly. i've always considered the birkin more of a day bag, especially in the slouchy leathers.


Jun 27, 2007
I think they're all great bags - each has its pros and cons. Also, all three are very distinctive. I can always spot one of them as being quintessentially Hermes. I don't think the Bolide is blah at all.

Could you manage to try one of each style on to see how you look carrying it? That might be the deciding factor.


The Minimalist
Oct 11, 2006
Sydney, Australia
I'm in the same situation. Can't decide between...

- 30cm black togo Birkin with gold hardware
- 28cm black box sellier Kelly with gold hardware

Each bag has their pros and cons. It's just a matter of which one appeals to you more. Maybe trying them on might help!


Dec 21, 2006
Here are my pro's/con's


Con: Hard to get in and out of; too formal?


Con: No shoulder strap, and price


Con: It is not a Kelly or Birkin; to stiif of a bag?? To boring?
The kelly bag is not hard to get in and out of (seriously - take it from me, I am a klutz), and the retourne style is informal without being sloppy. The lack of a shoulder strap on the birkin bag is not really a disadvantage, since the handles are long and there are many ways to maneuver to get hands free. The price differential of a birkin bag over a kelly or bolide is (only) about 20% for comparable sized bags, so while material, is not overwhelming. As for the bolide, as has been said, get a mou. Its a very "clean" bag, not boring.

My advice for what its worth: There are no mistakes here, of any of the three, so pick the one that you have the strongest visceral reaction to, eg, the one that makes your heart race when you pick it up. If they all do that, and if you can only buy one right now and if its your first one, I would say you should get a kelly bag. It has the most range. Hope this helps.


Mar 14, 2006
New England
I wanted to love the kelly I really did...but figured out that it added to my stress when I took it out on regular outings to the grocery store, etc.; I have always loved the LV alma so the bolide actually became my great love - I don't use the shoulder strap but having it available is a big plus IMO! Love, love the birkin and hope to have one again one day but for now...the bolide wins due to the zip top feature and ease! It really is a personal choice though - I love the under the radar qualilty of the bolide too!


shack in the woods
Nov 28, 2006
It depends on your lifestyle and if you can only buy 1 bag now, buy 1 that will fit most of your requirements and needs. I love all 3 of them and find it really difficult to choose between them and really not one is better than the other but rather one is better suited for various situations than the others. My answers are in blue,

Here are my pro's/con's

Pro: shoulder strap, classic look
Con: Hard to get in and out of; too formal?
I have a sellier black Kelly and now I use it when I am more formally dressed, out with DH, window shopping, parent-teacher night. More formal events. That said, if you have blue jean or retourne, they are well suited for casual events. Just need to be cognizant of the color and style (sellier/retourne) you choose.

Pro: The ULTIMATE bag. Love the look and the slouch of the bag
Con: No shoulder strap, and price
I am a Kelly girl, so the Birkin is not an ultimate bag for me. I use it when I am around town running errands and I have to stuff things into it. For me, it is a workhorse and casual bag, I never use this for formal events, regardless of size.

Pro: Shoulder strap, opportunity to purchase a Raisin Chevre, easy to get in and out of.
Con: It is not a Kelly or Birkin; to stiif of a bag?? To boring?
Ahhh, the Bolide has a special place in my heart, it is the one I depend on when I need to ensure that all my things are secure, that no one can put their hands in there and that I can get in and out of it easily and I can wear it with a canvas strap across my body.

I would so appreciate all of your feedback! Just FYI; I am a SAHM but like to go out on date nights with hubby and carry a beautiful bag.
Since you already have an all leather tote, I'd say go for the Kelly, that bag makes me feel super good. :yes:
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