Birkin vs. Kelly -- in a practical sense

  1. I am probably a loooonnnggg way from my first H purchase, but I've been lurking and educating myself for when the time comes. I already know that I'd want a textured leather like clemence or togo, silvery hardware like palladium or ruthenium, and a softer and less structured shape rather than rigide and formal.

    I've done some searches and read lots of very helpful threads about Kelly vs. Birkin, but still have a question that I haven't found an answer to. Please forgive me if this has been discussed here already?

    Like most of us here on tPF, I'm a complex person, impossible to define by just one perfect bag. I'm very laid-back :cool: and casual (insert Birkin reference here), but I'm also a girly-girl :cutesy:who loves to play dress-up (Kelly makes me say "oooohhh, pretty!"). Personally I care very little which style is "it" or more popular with celebrities; popularity doesn't mean anything if it doesn't work for me. Esthetically, it's a matter of style, mood, and preference....which I know we can and will happily debate until the cows come home.

    So my question is, which style is easier to carry and use on a daily basis, from a practical perspective? From what I've gathered so far, it doesn't look like Kelly can be carried while open, except by the shoulder strap. Is it a pain to open and close every time you need to get something in/out? I've seen pics of the Birkin with the flap tucked in, which looks very easy to get stuff in and out of...but when you do that, do the straps kinda flop around? Any other pros/cons I haven't thought of?

  2. I love the fact that birkins have two handles. It makes access to the inside very easy and i love that. Overall, I'd choose birkin over kelly, also the fact that birkin is more difficult to acquire than kelly makes it very special IMHO :girlsigh:
  3. i love the kelly because .the shoulder strap can be used in emergency ,unlike the birkin and may be because it looks more ladylike
  4. Hello, hippiechic,

    I like both styles.....wanting my birkin to look neat with the belts pulled across and buckled, and flap tucked in. But, being that it's a 30cm it does not make for quite as easy hand access....yet, the 35 size is a little bulky on me.

    But, what with wanting to wear the Birkin 30, is a lady to do?? :shrugs: I put up with it! And I :heart: my Birkin!! (it's really not that much trouble!)

    The Kelly, to me is easier to access. I use the shoulder strap and let the bag /belts lay under or dangle out from under the flap which is locked. I can unlock the flap as the bag hangs from my shoulder and access the contents.... and I find this very convenient.

    I really feel, that if you buy the bag that makes your heart race everytime you look at it....that you will FIND a way to make it work for you as I have with both of these styles.

    Good luck on your quest:smile:
  5. I second this as the reasons why I love my kelly - but I have to admit if your first value in choosing is being the most practical, the birkin is probably better. You should try both of them and see which makes you feel better!
  6. Although they all/both are great - here are my thoughts: Birkin is a great tote style - can be left open for easy access and can be buckled for safety; kelly IS very ladylike! Not as easy access - some people don't mind, others do; a nice the bolide! Have you looked at that? Can be left open - does have the shoulder strap alternative - can be zipped - nice size....just thought I would throw that in there lol!! unfortunately it can take a few rounds to figure out what style really works best for you...they all actually have a place....
  7. From the point of view of someone that does not have any of the two :wtf: , I would say that a Birkin would be more practical for me :yes: . I like that is more casual in its style and the two handles appeal to me as well. The birkin seems to be more roomy and I live the shape. I have seen the larger size Kellys and they look better in my very humble opinion in the regular smaller sizes. I tend to carry many things in my bags plus any toys that my son would want me to hold for him...
  8. Hey Hippie,
    I am like you casual yet girly girl. I have both a birkin and kelly and I think the birkin works better for me. The Kelly is a little difficult to get in and out of so I prefer to use that for dinner or party gatherings but for an everday bag the birkin works best for me. Since I am a girly girl. I keep a sassy little scarf on my birkin that makes her look a lil dressed up. I say birkin all the way
  9. If you are a patient person that doesn't mind taking your time the Kelly is for you. I am impatient. For example, when buying groceries I want to slip my hand in and get my wallet and pay fast, not fumble with the turn lock on the Kelly. Also if my phone rings, I've lost some calls from having to fumble with my Kelly. But the Birkin is easy to get into and find things because of its layout. If I need to slip it up on my arm in an emergency ( like restroom with a broken handbag hook) this has worked although for that reason the Kelly is good.

    I have both bags but carry my Birkin much more often. It is just a simpler bag and easy for me. It accomodates me not the other way around.

    And no, the handles don't flop around. Maybe in a softer leather (I have Togo) they would but in Togo they are firm but not rigid.

    Another note, I love the Birkin precisely because it doesn't have a zipper. I hate to scratch up my jewelry or hand by having to brush against a zipper and that is why I haven't bought a bolide.

    And I am more "dressy" than "hippie" but never feel odd with the Birkin. Hermes bags as a rule are so beautifully made that one can dress each up or down as you wish.
  10. if you prefer your bags closed -- as i do -- the kelly is much easier than the birkin. and getting in and out of a kelly is quick once you have a little practice, plus the shoulder strap makes it very convenient. so overall i find the kelly easier to wear -- but the birkin left open would certainly be faster than the kelly.

  11. It has all been well said by others already--
    Birkin. Or Bolide.
  12. Aha! I hadn't realized, until you said this, that you can close/lock the Kelly flap without the belts. That would make it simpler, if a little less tidy-looking. Thank you!

    Hm. Can you do this with the Birkin?
  13. i am a birkin girl, coz it looks younger. Not into kelly's flap closure...

  14. Yes, you can "flap close" without having to thread the straps.
  15. The Bolide is the answer to all that you seek.