Birkin vs. HAC

  1. Would you guys say that a Birkin 30cm is too similar to a HAC 28cm in size? Between a Birkin and a HAC, which would you pick and why? Which one do you find to be dressier?
  2. I find the HAC28 much more dressier in pictures I've seen than the Birkin30...

    the HAC also seems trimmer in shape (from front to back), and has a lengthening as well as slimming effect on the wearer.

    I think you would love the HAC28, kou. It will fall closer to the look of your Kelly. I *think* the pic here is a 28cm.... source: eBay listing.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with the entire statement above!!!:yes: :biggrin:
  4. Thanks Rain and Avan!! I guess I should see if I can get my SA to locate me a fuchsia ostrich HAC 28cm then ... Boy, that's going to be tough:amuse:
  5. tough yes, but how exquisite...:love:
  6. Gold hardware or ruthenium? All my bags have silver hardware, am getting a little bored :P
  7. I am sure this question has been answered, but are HACs generally more expensive than Birkins?
  8. I think they are.
  9. ^^ why??:huh:
  10. One of the members on another forum said that her SA said HAC is more expensive because the flap was more difficult to make or something.

    The ostrich HAC 28cm that I saw a few months ago was 12K. Not sure how that compares with the ostrich Birkin 30cm in terms of price.
  11. I LOVE gold with fushia HAC!:love: :heart: :love: that would be so original and stunning!
  12. they are about 600-1000 more than birkins from what I have seen (7600 +):smile: compared with the 30 cm, about the same (or a tiny more) for the 35cm
  13. ok - now i'm probably going to get flamed off the planet for this one but honestly btwn the two styles, i prefer the HAC to be in regular leather and the birkin to be in exotic. i have absolutely no idea why... but i just do. call it personal preference.

    and yes, for the two sizes that you mention, they're very similar. however if i were supermodel height like yourself, i'd personally go for either the 32 HAC or the 35 birkin. i know... not much help, am i?

    oh and i find the HAC to be dressier than the birkin. i know.. i'm wierd.
  14. i prefer the 30cm birkin over the HAC because i think the 28cm HAC would be too deep.

    if H made a 30cm JPG birkin, that would be so fab!
  15. Thanks Avandome and Kou for responding to my price question.