Birkin Value over Time

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  1. I've only been into Hermes recently. I'm curious of the Birkin value over time. I see so many bags being snatched up quickly for over retail. With the older (5-ish year old) bags, do they maintain their value? With prices always increasing, does that help the resell value? I know the rarer colors are worth more, but are these bags still worth the value a few years later in gently used condition? Are the hard to find/more desire-able colors still sell for retail or over when they are *gently* used? Do people only want to buy new hard to find colors?

    I'm looking into getting a birkin in a sturdy leather (togo probably), most likely in a blue, red, pink or green. Not really interested in black, brown, orange or gold. Can't afford exotics either.

    For example, if I bought a mykonos birkin in togo now, would I expect to be able to sell the bag for about retail in a few years? If I bought a harder to find color, like fuchsia chevre, would I be able to sell it for retail in a few years (after using it gently)?
  2. I agree with birkel, that the right approach is to buy Hermes bags because you love them--- and that it is just a perk that if it happens that you have to or want to sell, you will get more than you would for any other handbag brand.
    It is possible that over time you could receive what you paid. If the bag is extremely coveted, rare and in perfect condition, it is possible you could receive a fair bit more than what you paid, but IMO doubtful you would receive MORE than the current retail for the bag at that time unless it were completely unused. Just my 2 cents.
  3. tammy d well said i have to agree the days of scarce H are gone !!!! but i still love them i am thankfully a birkin buyer that buys the birkin because of its simple look and easy wear. for me its the best bag ever made in the literal sense they just fit me perfectly. for the status buyers well that is long gone now status is birkin plus the louboutin shoes plus the cavalli outfit and the j.mendel fur and the bentley the yacht the carreer the kids the dog cat a great mother in law the cartier diamond and wait utopia !!! darling truth is we are the fortunate ones again i agree with you but birkins as i said before are not investments but they are a privilage a luxury as always hope it helps .birkel.
  4. obviously i'd be buying because i love the bag, but i wanted to know more info about the resale of them later down the line as i can get tired of bags.

    TammyD - Thanks for your response. Well I don't know if I agree they are everywhere yet since I have only scene a few in person. Perhaps I will just wait till they are more readily available for less than retail. I don't mind pre-owned.

    I was just curious about all also because so many Birkins seem to be snatched up quickly from resellers, for above retail. Didn't know if this was always the case and will always be.
  5. i think gold and black will always have the most resale value as they're classic colors. green, red and so on might be a bit tougher to get higher than retail, but all birkins definitely retain their value, and those who can afford them and do not want to wait for their boutique to call them, will buy your birkin so they don't have to wait.
  6. you know i kind of see this the other way arround black and gold will be easy to sell, yes but they are also the the most sold and not common but popular colors dont you think ?????
  7. Black and gold are the hardest to resell, btw, because they are almost always offered by H.

    Gymangel- your impression that they are snatched up quickly from resellers may not be accurate. Lots of bags on eBay have been listed and relisted for years. The ones that sell are those at prices reasonable for the age and wear. And are either super rare combos or colors (in which case, as a true H lover, you may want to keep them for yourself ;)
  8. gymangel812, i am in agreement with TammyD. I am not sure where you've seen birkins being sold above retail price points ... ebay has lots of listings but they have been there forever.

    birkins that move very quickly are priced typically below retail and sold at reasonable pricing, esp. on tpf trusted websites such as Hautegallery. It is the ones that are discontinued or hard to find that maybe one person is willing to pay more.

    In any case, i am in agreement with everyone that you should buy birkin because you like it. there are far better investment vehicles out there than birkins. :biggrin:
  9. That is the key to selling over retail. If the color is rested or discontinued or the leather is something harder to get like CDC then you have a better chance of selling for a higher amount. By chance you could have someone come along that loves the bag you are selling, does not want to wait, does not have a relationship with H and will simply pay over retail just to "have it now". I do not consider the Birkin an investment, back in 2008 I sold a 35 BJ Birkin and a 35 RG Birkin both in togo and MINT for the current retail at that time, which is what I had paid as the Birkins were less than a year old. I don't see that happening now. In the past few months I have been downsizing my Hermes collection, as I had gone "H CrAzY" in 2009 and early 2010!:nuts: I have consigned them with a very reputable tPF recommended reseller, Nancy @ Kaleidoplace. She has sold every piece that I have consigned with her within 2 weeks. The reason, my bags were in mint condition, just like from the H Boutique new. The other reason she prices them at a point that makes sense to someone looking to buy Pre-Owned. Yes, I lost money on the sales, but the bags were not being carried and there was no need to have so many H bags stored in sleeper bags or in a display cabinet. IMO it comes down to 2 things when considering your Hermes Birkin purchase, do I want to view this purchase as an investment and maybe sell it later and make money on it, or do I want to make this purchase b/c I love the quality and heritage of Hermes and I love this bag it makes my heart skip a beat and makes me smile.
    Hermes as an investment to sell later over retail - NO GUARANTEE!
  10. I think you should buy a bag because you love it, what it is fashion today might not be so tomorrow, and there is no guarantee you will sell it well. Birkin bags are beautiful bags but when I got mine it was not at all this trendy, so things change and fashion with it
  11. Wow, you ladies really know your stuff! Thanks for adding your thoughts, as someone who is new to H and slowly collecting, I have learned some useful info from this thread! Look forward to learning more!
  12. Hanyeu and PennyD are absolutely right! Both of my birkins were gently used before I purchased them and a few years old, and because I knew they were rare colors and materials(and I didn't want to chance SO-ing them and getting rejected), I was willing to pay $13xxx for cyclamen and $18xxx for fuchsia.

    Buy what you love without concerning yourself with how much it may be worth in the future market.
  13. I don't really agree with this. I am the only person I know who has Birkin, apart from friends from TPF. Some of them are actively try to buy one, some just think it's not obtainable. Maybe I just have poor friends. I don't know. They all seem to have cartiers, rolexes etc. I think the day when everybody has a Birkin is still long way away.

    In Asia, e.g. China, it's still extremely difficult to buy a Birkin from H store but the demand is very very high among the newly emerged middle-class professionals.

    How do define something is overpriced? A product is priced at a level where people will buy it. like houses! None of the expensive houses is priced at the cost of the building material. Far from it. but people buy them because they like the location, the view, the architecture design. How do you price those? the price is fine as long as there are people out there willing to pay it!
  14. Where re-selling is concerned, remember that unless you have a history on ebay of selling luxury items, you will most likely have to either sell it or consign it with a re-seller. By the time they take their cut, most likely you will get less than you paid for it originally, and a lot less than currant retail.

    If I were someone who likes to change handbag styles a lot, I would never spend that kind of money buying Hermes. These should be bags that one sees oneself carrying for life. The style is timeless so they never look "dated" as so many of today's designer bags will in just a few years. I have a Black Box Kelly from 1973 - just as elegant today as it was then.

    It's a lot of money for a status symbol....
  15. as always inda perfect post just perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!