Birkin Use

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  1. I need to vent about something. So, my lovely DH understands my H obsession and has even bought me a birkin for our anniversary last month, but the annoying thing is, he really likes dictate when I can or can't use my H bags. It drives me CRAZY. So, if we are going to a nice dinner in Beverly Hills, he'll expect me to bring them, but if we are going to Target, Marshalls, or some fast food joint, he will ask me to go change my purse and sometimes if he happens not to notice in time, and he sees it at a place where he doesn't think a birkin should be used, he will say Why are you bringing a 10k bag to In and Out Burger (and sometimes in front of our other friends too). Then I feel so embarrassed. I tell him not to worry that no one even knows what it is, but he doesn't agree. The funny thing is, he's okay if I use any of my LV bags, but not H bags (even my garden party) and especially not my birkins.
  2. Hmmm. I think this is a very delicate situation. Your DH was very sweet to gift you with a birkin for your anniversary. But I completely agree with you--you should be able to use your birkin whenever you choose. Perhaps you should sit down with him and have a little chat.

    Personally, I carry my birkin everywhere--grocery, Cosco, Home Depot, etc. A birkin is meant as a casual tote, and should be used as such--IMHO.
  3. I think this is more a question of your relationship with your husband than the bag per se....
  4. really? he never comments about other stuff. i've tried to talk to him about it and he just says he feels embarrassed when i carry H bags to low end places. sigh.
  5. People can't help how they feel about this. . . . I see this in our Jewelry Box as well. People feel strange wearing big bling/jewelry to certain areas, stores around certain family because they feel it's inappropriate. I feel weird about wearing my big wedding ring when I visit my Mom's family. . . . it's probably similar to how your DH feels about your bag. I noticed this issue was worse when the US economy first tanked.
    Just talk to him about it, 90+% of people won't even recognize the bag anyhow. Does he realize this?
  6. I'm actually like your DH with regards to MY Birkin, but the point is, like others have said, it's yours and you should decide where it goes. My husband just wishes I would wear my fancy stuff more..
  7. I agree with what the other ladies had to say!

    Only YOU should decide when and where YOU should wear Hermes bags. Nobody should dictate where and when to wear your things aside from yourself. If DH was going to be so bossy about when and where to wear your H, then he should not agree to buy them for you.
  8. Birkin is not an evening bag, it is a casual tote. I take mine everywhere during the day for chores, manicures, super market, McDonald's, cinema. I never carried it once for a night out though.
  9. I dun classify places as 'low end'.

    So does this mean if Im not wearing expensive stuff then I cant go to a 'high end' place?
    Hmmm I wear slippers and walk into H and I dun really care what ppl think.
    And I carry my birkins everywhere, even when its grocery shopping and I dun think a bag should be limited to certain places.

    It might be a 10k bag, but hell - its just A BAG!

    And bags are only meant for one thing : TO BE USED.
  10. May be you could give DH some time to get over the 10K he spent on a bag.;)
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    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    ITA. He sounds too controlling for my liking.

    Most of us apply a certain code of conduct in regards to various family members etc. I understand that. I do not think it´s right that he should decide when and where you can use your birkin.
  12. Why not try explaining to him that you love the birkin he bought you as a gift so much that's why you want to use it all the time.

    On a separate note, i'm sure a lot of people are not even aware of what your bags are or how much they cost. Try to enjoy them, that's what they are for.
  13. Another in agreement. Stories like this make me glad I'm single!:P Sorry, but control freaks like that drive me crazy.
  14. I think some of the "control" comments while possibly true, may also be a bit harsh. Maybe he's just genuinely worried about the safety element.I could have written this same post a long time ago about my DH but he is absolutely not a man who tries to control me in any way.

    My DH just took a while to get comfortable with me carrying an expensive bag to the supermarket or on the subway and stuff. He also took a long time to get truly comfortable with me wearing my engagement ring.

    It wasn't a control thing he just was worried I might get mugged. He's a bit of a worry wart!. I've carried a H bag every day since and now he's ok. I even took one on the water tour of NY. I did have a plastic bag to put it in to protect it while everyone and everything got soaked from the spray.

    Occasionally he will comment, depending on where we are going and I gently remind him that my bags are not ornaments and then ask am I overdressed and does it match my outfit. That changes the focus of the conversation and we're usually out the door by then.:smile:

    Still if we do find ourselves in a place or area that may be "less safe" than we'd like he will ask that I turn my ring around and put a scarf over my bag.
  15. He might be worried that the bag would get scratched or damaged in places like Target or in fast food restaurants ( I worry about that, too). I don't take by best bags to places like that for those reasons.