Birkin to Kelly Ratio...


Dec 23, 2005
Just curious...what is your birkin to kelly ratio??? Trying to decide on my next purchase...

Currently: 1 birkin (1 on order)...1 kelly (started a "true" birkin the 35 cm kelly so much more than I ever expected...may need another...soon...)
I don't have my Kelly yet but I'll post as if I already had my next few bags.

1 Birkin, "2 Kellys"

In other words, before I'd think of buying another Birkin I'd wait until I have 2 Kellys
I am Birkin-heavy now and hope to even out the current ratio of 6:1 down the road. I was very surprised by how much I love and carry my 28cm--I had owned one 32cm Kelly previously which I barely carried for some reason.