Birkin through airport/security/x-ray

  1. Hey ladies,

    I'm new but I have a question and have searched through the forum for it but to no success.

    What your standard procedure when traveling with your Birkin/Bollide?
    You know the part where you have to remove your shoes and all your belongings have to be "screened"?
    Do you put it in its dust bag and have it screened? You never know if some wayward grease from some cog of the machine might mar it.:crybaby:

    Oh, and the new turnkeys they are square for J (2006) is that only on 2006 bags? I've seen on Ebay some J/2006 bags but they still have the circle hardware on it. Any suggestions/ comments would be great.

  2. When I traveled with my HAC Chevre bag....I brought a small luggage carryon to bring through security and on the plane. INSIDE the luggage I put the dustbag where my precious bag sat.:nuts: (YUP, I was way anal, but wanted to not regret soiling her with any yucky oil or black stuff). My bag is caramel colored so people with black or brown may not mine as much.
  3. Hi LK, no that's not true. Classic Birkins still have the round turnkeys. I think only the JPG shoulder Birkins have the square turnkeys. I am not sure. Wait for the experts to comment on this to get a better picture. :yes:
  4. Last year in Venice Italy I saw a beige colored Birkin 25cm with the square turnkey. The SA said it had been a special order that was passed up by the buyer. It looked quite striking in palladium. I believe that on SO you could order this. The hardware size was normal not jumbo like the JPG.
  5. I haven't traveled yet with my Birkin. Too chicken to bring it along. I know a fellow PFer has purchased a tote Longchamp specifically to guard her bag. You could try this and I will when I get brave enough to travel with my baby.
  6. Right, gazoo!

    There was some discussion about this on this thread:

    And I also posted pics of how I my Birkin 35 fits exactly into the largest sized Longchamp Pliage from their Online Custom Order collection:

    The Pliage is great as a "birkin cover" for the security checkpoint x-rays and for protection in the overhead cabin.

    As to hardware, I have seen a HAC in vache naturelle from this year with a square turnkey in palladium hardware -- stunning!!
  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your coverall for your Birkin. Very chic. I now always think of you when I see a lady carrying around the large Longchamp tote.
  8. I have to say that I always cringe when I go through the security checkpoint with my Birkin. I get a tray and lie it flat--drives me nuts, but I do it. But I got my Large Pliages Sur Measure from Longchamp on-line two weeks ago, so I intend on putting my Birkin in there next time---it truly is a great idea. Thanks Gina for posting those helpful pix! And yes, my 35 cm Vert Anis is a J-bag with the round turnlock. I think the turnlock on HACs are a bit different now.
  9. Too paranoid about my Birkin babies to travel with them yet. To illustrate how much so - the other day at lunch I actually moved my bag from the chair to the floor instead, because I noticed the decanter of red wine was perilously close to the bag and I was afraid of stains.

    My J-series 35cm Fuschia Ostrich is equipped with a round turnlock.
  10. I have an orange ostrich 28cm HAC with a palladium square turnkey
  11. i put my BJ birkin through the x-ray as it is. i cringe everytime someone 'mishandles' the bag but what can i do! but i know better thanks to gina! i never thought about putting the bag in another bag, but will definitely do so in the future. thanks!!!
  12. Whenever there are trays available, I always ask for one. If not, then I have no choice but to put my birkin/kelly thru the x-ray as is.
  13. I have a 32 cm Kelly and wondered which size Longchamp would be best to baby her in?

  14. I 'secret sign' would be great. I suggested a secret 'twilly knot' in another thread:lol: :lol: