Birkin Talk?

  1. Hi,

    I recently have gotten a rapport with a wonderful SA at one of the Hermes Boutique that I've been randomly going from time to time. I have mentioned my interest in possibly purchasing a Birkin45. After a few inquiries this summer over the phone, the SA wanted me to come over the store, meet her and show me the different leather variation and other things that makes a Birkin. Possibly discussing a birkin purchase perhaps?

    I have wondered! Is this my introduction to Birkin? I know Hermes is not listing names at the moment. Does that mean, I might possibly, just possibly might order one???? If it does comes to that, Do I need to bring a "down payment"? A credit card or something to hold on for that Birkin? Im curious!

    I cant wait for this weekend to come, until I meet her. She seemed fascinated and willing to show me different materials, things to make a birkin. She's looking forward to meet me! What a service!!

    What could this be? Does anyone here have had the same experience.

    I hope it's my future Birkin45. Someone here, mentioned a taller birkin. What is that model name/type? Can I have the handle longer? IF it does comes to a Birkin made-to-order.

    Im HOPEFUL and excited! Cant wait until this weekend.
  2. I don't think it is hard to get on a list, I think it is hard to wait. I would not be so impressed, I would see what she has to show, but you are the customer. I am starry-eyed by Hermes, not by SA's.
  3. The taller birkin is called HAC. No, the handle is not longer just the shape is more taller rectangular shape. If you want a longer handle, it has to be a JPG where you can wear it as a shouder bag.
  4. Luvurbag--how very exciting for you! You don't need to put down a down payment when you place your order, but you may need your CC in case you see some other wonderful goodies at your local store. :graucho: Have a wonderful time looking at the swatches and let us know what happens!:flowers:
  5. I apologise if I sound nasty, but I dislike SA's. I feel that once they know you are going to spend ,they don't leave you alone and are imposing. I had an SA from Dior call me yesterday, overseas, just to say "hi"....yea right. Maybe I was not objective enough, sorry. I get alot of calls and they just don't impress me even if it is my dearly beloved LV sa's. I hope you find your Hac, but I would use the experience to choose what I want, not be invited so to speak ...I just don't like that approach. I walked into Hermes, told them what I wanted and that was all. It still has not arrived, but they called me for 3 other Birkin's since. So it has been My choice, as I think it should be anybody's choice spending this much on a bag. I hope I did not offend.
  6. Thanks for ALL your response.

    Star: Of course, Im not offended. Im glad you shared your experience and opinions. Everyone is entitled to thier personal opinions and thoughts.

    I've got good rapport with SA in my local LV, I tell them about what I want in the upcoming season and then they call me, If Im still interested and will pick it up. They call me once or twice a year for my limited edition items.

    Whenever, I go to Hermes store, I feel "intimidated".I know Im willing to spend $$$ on a particular bag, the SAs are pretty nice and very professional.I dont know If they want to approach me or think Im just browsing. I dont "dress" up to go to these boutiques. (Jeans/Polo/Button Down Shirt/Short/Sneakers-No Flip Flops tho)

    Do you dress up to go to Hermes?

    Anyway, thanks ladies for you input. Your input and experience is welcome..Good and Bad.

    Have a great day.
  7. I've found it interesting to read everyone's opinions, here and in other threads, about how best to approach buying a birkin from the boutiques, since I'm gearing up to do the same myself. I know alot of people have said to get cozy with an SA, establish yourself as a customer first by buying other hermes items, etc, etc, before asking about the birkin. I understand this approach, and considered it, but on the other hand, I think I pretty much agree with star on this one: if I walk into a store and basically tell them I am ready to buy a birkin, can they help me find one, I am not sure why they would refuse me, especially if I seem serious. I am not going to say I "might" be interested. I am interested, and I am ready to pay for it, but I am also willing to wait for it, if there's a wait. Why would they not want to sell me a bag? I am not fooling myself to think I will become one of their preferred customers, so maybe I won't be their first choice when it comes to calling for an unclaimed bag, but ultimately, if I tell them exactly what I am looking for, I do not see why they would not want to try to make a sale. Not saying the befriend an SA approach doesn't work, just saying, I don't think I can do it. . .since I am new to my area, it would just seem like a charade to get the bag. . . thoughts?
  8. Hmmmmm....I just don't know. I only have my own experience to go by. I am genuinely in LOVE with almost everything Hermes so it's no problem for me to go into the store and buy something I like whether it be a scarf, cadena, a journal, a pair of gloves, a shawl or a bag. So, when I do go, my SA knows me pretty well now and we have a nice, easy raport. By now, he kind of knows my taste and will show me things that he's pretty confident I'll like.....For example, I'll be going in today and called him yesterday to let him know what I'll be wanting to see. Gloves, Acapulco tote, Ulysses. He said he thought he had a pair of gloves just in, in a style I might like and he put those aside. Chances are, he's right.

    So, I do believe that it's important to create a relationship with one SA if you are to become a serious buyer of Hermes.
  9. I agree with shopmom:smile: I can't wait to visit the store again to have a look at some scarves and bracelets. I'm interested in making DH convert to H ties too but he's averse to shopping so I'll just have to do it for him.:graucho: There are so many beautiful things at Hermes that you'd end up knowing the ppl there quite well anyway, I reckon. I'm still a newbie at all this and it's hard for me to get to the store as I live 2hrs away. But I'm going to try to visit everytime I do take the drive down to Melbourne, could be once a fortnight or once a month.. but I wanna go to H!!!:nuts: Lol!
  10. I agree with Shopmom, I visit a boutique that knows me well, I save time because they only show me things that I will like and that will suit my figure and lifestyle and they also know my past purchases and have helped me organise my wardrobe. It also works for them because they get the biggest reward for the shortest time - although I haven't built a rapport with H sa yet I guess it is the same principle.
  11. I think it is much easier to find what you want if you have established a rapport with an SA. You can get lucky and see the perfect bag on the shelf when you walk in but if you have an SA who knows your style looking out for you, you will have a better chance of finding what you are looking for. I don't think you need to go to the trouble of "kissing up" to them or anything like that.

    In my case once I showed up with an H bag (Evelyne) I think they realized I was a serious fan of Hermes and then they began calling me about other bags I might want. (plus I bought a million pocket squares/other items because I am addicted to them! :lol: )

    I don't know, I just have a feeling that one day I'll just stroll in and be stopped cold by something in the display case. I can't even really make up my mind what it will be, I think it will find me when I'm ready. At least I hope so! :flowers:
  12. luvurbag-I really wish you all the best of luck on your visit. It is so hard to even guess how your visit will go and what your SA may be planning for you. Every case is different and every person will have a different experience.

    You seem to have a great attitude all around and for that I really wish you all the best.

    I have met people who have walked in Hermes and have found the bag of their dreams and I have known people who have struggled for years just trying to break a store or an SA. The whole experience is crazy.

    Personally, I love to hear the great stories where an SA invites you to the boutique and really pulls for you. I do hope this will happen for you.

    Please don't forget to share your experience.
  13. My first experience with a Hermes SA was not great. I had posted here before that experience put me off Hermes for awhile, until an opportunity arose and all that is now history.

    I think, as with all relationships, it takes time and "investment". Before I have this fabulous connection with the Hermes manager at our local store, I would simply buy bags from various other brands, and it was simply mundane. There was no personal attention to what I was getting, or how I was regarded in the eyes of the SAs at other boutiques. I also took no purpose in establishing any relationship with an SA, because I knew it was not worthwhile ~ I was just another transaction.

    Suddenly, with Hermes, it is so much more personal, and it makes me feel that it's more worthwhile spending my money with Hermes than any other stores. I think the bottomline is good customer service. When something is good, you keep going back to the same good 'old' thing for a very long time. I applaud the H manager who remembers my choice colours by heart; every single time she says it in the right order of preference.

    I think you need to invest your time at the store with the SA to discuss your colour + leather combinations, even if the list is not open. This way, you grow passionate of what you really want in your 45cm Birkin. And over time, your SA can also show you other bags in that leather and colour, which will help affirm your choice or make you re-evaluate your choice. What you are describing is certainly the start of a good relationship, so make the best of your time this weekend with your SA.
  14. Crochetbella and shopmom have hit the nail on the head. Hermes does not just want to sell you a Birkin. They want loyal customers who appreciate the brand as a whole. Since Birkins are rare and exclusive, they reserve them for these loyal customers. Once they recognize you as that kind of customer, EVERYTHING becomes much easier to get. NO, you don't have to spend tons of money in there. I never did. You just have to get to know a SA and express your love for the brand in different ways.
    luvurbag - sounds like you're well on your way! Let us know what happens!
  15. Hmm, I think maybe I didn't express myself fully, above. . .I definitely agree with everyone that it is important to have a store that knows you and with good customer service, and I would definitely like to develop that kind of relationship, because I do love hermes as a whole, not just the birkins . .. . .i guess my point was that i don't think an SA should "reject" someone just because they do want to buy a birkin, cause it certainly doesn't mean they aren't a "real" hermes fan. . . .. anyway, i hope that i will be able to build a good rapport with my local store and SAs, and luvurbag, it sounds like you are getting there, can't wait to hear all about it!!