Birkin Talk..Part2

  1. Hello,

    I just got back from Hermes Boutique and met up with the extremely nice SA .(Im not sure, if I need to disclose her name or location..or is it propaganda not to mention SAs to prevent from phone calls and inquire about possible listing)

    As I have mentioned on my previous post entitled Birkin Talk..I went in the Boutique and met her. She was very nice, professional, well poised and remembered me. She did mentioned that I was very nice, courteous over the phone that it was great matching the face with my voice.

    She got the thick "Black" leather sample book and ask me to look at the colors and leather sample. (Im clueless about the leather name, type and color). I studied the different textures and smoothness of different leather and I was "Drawn" in the Orange color. The leather have a texture in it, I think It was TOGO, It was a THICK leather and the color I chose was some type of Brownish-Orange, Potiron..I think (I should HAVE wrote everything down). Then came the hardware..3 types Gold, Silver (like) and the Grayish darker Silver one. I chose the Gold hardware. (At this time..I really dont know what was happening..I was just studying all these items and gorgeous color)

    Then the type of Birkin and size. I mentioned 45..she said was it a travel bag...I said for everyday. She did told me, It will be BIG for me and I will have a hard time carrying it cuz its like a carry-on.

    Then I mentioned..the Birkin HAC Haut-A-Courrois..The Taller Birkin because I like it to look masculine yet have that Birkin look. We agreed on the size which is the Birkin HAC 32cm.

    She wrote it down, told me to put my information name, address and phone
    and put it in the book. At one point she had to stop talking about the process and was done quite discreetly then shook my hands and told me, congratulations..IM ON THE LIST!!

    I was shocked, stunned and almost felt surreal. Then she wanted me to educated on Hermes world..have me try a few fragrance samples and gave me 8 frangrance samples, a book and catalogue put it on the ORANGE bag.

    She introduced me to other SAs...THEY ARE WONDERFUL TO ME. She told me she was glad to meet me. I asked for the wait of the bag..she told me I have plenty of time to wait..minimum 2 years!! I WAS ELATED!!

    I left Hermes store feeling as if I actually Bought it!! Im patient to wait 2 or more years!! It will be the best 40th b'day present for myself!!! (In 2 years)

    Thanks ladies and Gents for all your help..I hope I made the right choice..

    Birkin HAC 32cm, Orange (Potiron..I think brownish-Orange), Gold hardware.

    I hope I got the right size...She did show me with the tape measure.
    Im 5'4 Male, good built and very excited!! Do you think 32cm HAC is right?

    OK..The wait starts and hopefully.I will post it in 2 years or so!!
  2. OH...About the leather choices...Not sure if it was TOGO..I know its THICK, It has texture and its Slouchy. It's the same Leather from the July or June Vogue issue featuring the Frontiere GM Bag. Dont know what name..Again..I Wish I wrote it down. It's the same one as the Travel Birkin ones..

    What was that???
  3. Congratulations on having such a great day! A HAC is probably a good choice for you. And potiron will certainly turn heads! Gold hardware is the best choice for the oranges, in my opinion.

    A lot of men favor the 40cm Birkins but a HAC might fit you a bit better. The 35cm is another choice to consider. I am also 5'4", but a woman on the stout side and 35cm seems to fit me quite well, as does the HAC.

    You'll have to post pictures when your bag finally arrives!
  4. What fabulous news!!! I think a 32cm would be wonderful for everyday essentials. I'm so glad you had such a great experience today--what great customer service!:yahoo:
  5. I just loved your story! Good for you...I would have left pretty happy myself.
  6. what a pleasant experience! good luck on your HAC!

    keep us posted!
  7. Thank you. You are all wonderdul and supportive.
  8. That is wonderful! You are going to love the 32cm HAC- it is so fabulous, and in potiron- it will be amazing! Thank you for sharing your story!!!
  9. now... not that you have to sit by the phone but... what if you get the call sooner? it's been known to happen.
  10. Yay! Sounds like a great size for you!
  11. Congratulations! Great story and great choice of bag! Potiron is a wonderful color!

    And HiHeels maybe might get the call sooner. :yes:
  12. Wooohooo! Happy to hear you had one terrific experience at your store! I was totally smiling the whole time I was reading your post. And how wonderful was the SA to introduce you to the others there as well as show you the fragrances and so on. Congrats on being IN, lol! Potiron is FABOULOUS, even if I do say so myself, hehe.. I have a 30 Birkin in this colour. Regarding the leather, it may be Clemence like mine. It's textured and feels thick yet is slouchy and relatively soft to touch. Know what I mean? Togo is not as slouchy and soft-feeling.
  13. My Birkin is Potiron - I love it! Could the leather have been Fjord?
  14. this is indeed a wonderful story. congrats!
  15. So happy to hear about your experiences! Congratulations on your order!