Birkin straps are stretching!!!

  1. The straps on my clemence Birkin are stretching. I have carried it a total of 5X and I do not load up the bag. I just carry my wallet, cell phone, keys, lip gloss and it's rain coat. For those who have the clemence Birkin, does the stretching show more than the other leathers? Is this normal? :sad:
  2. ^ no this is NOT normal.. i'm so sorry.. hmm, please don't flame me for this but are you sure it's authentic? if you did buy it straight from a boutique, then just take it in and tell them what's happening... i'm sure they can fix it for you ASAP.
  3. i've not heard of the straps stretching per se, is the leather the straps attached to itself sagging more, giving the sense the straps are stretching? how long are they now?
  4. hermes_lemming, no worries! Yes, it's authentic. I got it at the boutique @ Ala Moana. I can't get to a boutique right now b/c i'm on the mainland and the closet one is 3 hours away. I have to wait til I get back to HI.

    pigleto972001, they are sagging and look oblong. They don't have the loop shape anymore KWIM? When I see pics of birkins, they look like perfect loops and hold their shape. That's why I think the leather is stretching. Could it be the weight of the bag?
  5. hmmm, do you have any pics, rubygirl? it would help to have a visual. i'm sorry that the straps are lengthening, i would definitely take it to the hermes when you get back to HI.

    is the bag heavy? i've heard clemence is pretty heavy but it doesn't sound like you are overweighing your bag...
  6. are you talking about the straps or the handle?
  7. Sounds like the handles, not the belt straps...?
  8. i am watching this thread closely. i'm feeling very anxious for you rubygirl.
  9. :wtf: :confused1: :throwup:
  10. Yikes.
  11. wowza.....this would have me in a tizzy! you seem so calm! I hope this gets resolved for you! :heart:
  12. Rubygirl, what size is your birkin?
  13. I just looked at it again. It seems like it looks more noticable when I'm holding it. Maybe I'm exaggerating? I'm just thinking what it's going to look like in a year.

    Greentea & Baggaholic, sorry yeah it's the handles.

    Mizzle it's a 35cm. It is quite heavy w/out anything in it.
  14. hmmm, that's not normal at all! the straps on my JPG are fine and that bag is definitely heavier!
  15. Thanks everyone for your input. I'll take it back to the boutique when I get home and let everyone know what they say. I'm not sure if pics will show the detail I'm asking about. I'll see if I can take some pics tomorrow.