Birkin Starting Pointers Please

  1. Hi all,

    Is there somewhere I can look that shows me the different leathers and hardware finishes for Birkins? I'm hoping to order my first one shortly and have no idea what to expect

    Thank you! :flowers:
  2. take a look at the hermes reference section. there are numerous threads in there that will be super helpful. good luck on your search =)
  3. Sorry I thought there would be something :shame:
  4. Just checked out the reference threads, incredibly helpful, am I right in thinking that the most popular/practical Birkin is the 35?
  5. I think it depends on your height, how large a bag you carry, what you would want to carry in it.... all factors worth considering. Good luck!
  6. Ok thanks. It's obviously a little tricky to judge the sizes when you can't see one in real life.

    I'm 5' 7" and am used to carry a Chloe Paddington and Mulberry Emmy so both reasonable sized bags.

    I've seen a few pictures of Kate Moss with Birkins and like how the proportions look and she is the same height as me......that is of course where the similarities end!! LOL!
  7. [​IMG]

    This is the Birkin I would like, could someone help me identify the size?
  8. ^it looks like a 35 to me
  9. Thank you!
  10. The 35 Birkin holds way more than a Paddington. And with your height, you could also carry off a 40 quite well, I would think. It just depends on how big/heavy a bag you want to carry. Since you're in London, you should try to go to the Hermes store and ask to see the leather book as well. I would also ask if there are any Birkins in the store so you could hold one and see how the size works with your frame. (Sometimes they have bags that are used strictly for media and photography purposes...)
  11. Thanks so much! That was just the kind of info I was after.

    I was in Hermes yesterday and spoke to the floor manager who told me they are accepting orders some time in March and gave me her card to call her at the end of this month.

    I'm guessing they would ask me to come in and go through the books and see what I would like?