Birkin Specialists-color question

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  1. Do any of you know if there is a color for a birkin that looks black but gives off the look of a hint of midnight blue as well? Even a black that gives off a hint of deep purple can be interesting.
    If you do, can you tell me the names of the colors...I need to do some hunting to see a picture of them.
    Thank you.
  2. Indigo. I've seen this color IRL. This blue is so dark that it looks almost black.

    Here are some pics of a Togo Birkin in Indigo.
    birkin30togoindigog1.jpeg birkin30togoindigog2.jpeg birkin30togoindigog3.jpeg
  3. I need to see this in person...It does look blue to me. I guess I am a bit carzy like thinking of metallic paint or some materials how you see a color, but you see another color as well. You know how people look at things and see things differently?
  4. Yes you should. Drop by the Hermes store to see their bags. You can also browse their leather book ( 2 thick volumes ). They have all the leather & colors in there...
  5. I agree with gigi about that :biggrin: I haven't seen it on a birkin, but I believe I saw it on a Kelly a while ago. Beautiful~
  6. I am trying to make plans as we speak to go to Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. I will look at the thick volumes and be out of my mind. I wish we all could go together! I will report back...especially if any great Birkins are there.
    It is high season now there, so I doubt it. Probably best to go in summer when Palm Beach is dead.
  7. I can't wait for your report!!
  8. My additions in magenta: :lol:

  9. Well...I guarantee you WILL be!!! No need for any croc bags...just those beautiful croc leather swatches from the leather book are enough you make you drool like crazy!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :love:
  10. I love croc bags...I don't think I want to look to hard at those leathers because the regular ones will then be pushed aside.
    I use to collect croc bags from the 40's -60's...I have some amazing bags that the ultra rich carried back then. I thought it was my way to have a croc bag since I knew I could never afford a Birkin croc to be quite honest. I long for a croc Birkin, but I feel ok since I have my collection now. They are amazing and look great when I carry them. You would never know they are 50 years old.