birkin size

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  1. hi! i'm planning to get a birkin but i don't know which size would suit me...i'm 5' you guys think a 35 would be to big for me?
  2. Short answer: No.

    Longer answer: It's all a matter of taste and preference, really. I'm 5'1" and happily carry a 35 on a regular basis. A 30 looks like it works on me, but I *feel* like it's too small. I even have a 40 that I used to carry a lot, it's just too heavy for me these days! Other women who are about our height or even several inches taller say that the 35 is way too big for them though. It depends on how proportional you want your bag to be, what your build is like, whether you want or need to carry a lot of stuff, whether the bag's weight is a consideration, etc. And then of course there is the issue of availability since as we all know we can't always get our first choice in size, color, leather, hardware, etc. (assuming you are buying at Hermes instead of a reseller, that is).
    I say throw out the "Rule Books" and carry what YOU love and what YOU feel looks great on you!
  3. ^ nicely said Cynthia!! I agree with everything
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  6. Try it and see it feels on you. I thought a 35 cm Kelly is too big on me, but the 35 Birkin cm is not. 35 cm is not that big, after all. Also, every Birkin is hand-made so even if it's 35cm on book, it may be a cm or two bigger or smaller depending on the bag. Trying it on live is the best way to find out.
  7. thank you ladies! i really appreciate it:smile:
  8. I am not quite 5 feet. I carry a 30 Birkin because it holds everything I need (and more) and the weight is manageable. I don't know why, but with Birkins I don't think you can go wrong with larger sizes, even if you are petite. If I could manage the weight, I'd love to have a 35 Birkin. (On the other hand, I have a couple of sellier Kellys and have come to the conclusion that they are too large for my frame.)