Birkin Size Help!

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  1. I'm debating the age old debate 30cm vs 35cm. Can someone post the link of the thread with the lady holding the various birkin sizes (i've searched and serched and can not find it!) Also what actually fits in the 30cm. I don't carry a lot of stuff with me daily. If possible please psot pics of your 30cm and/or 35cm as compared to a more accessable bag such as an LV or chloe, etc. (I've never seen a birkin IRL so it would be easier to gage the size) TIA!!!
  2. LVlover!!! i've found u!!! (at least i hope it was u) i accidentally deleted ur PM and had forgotten who it was that had asked for the comparison pics of my birkins to the LV le fab!! anyhow, i'll post the pics in this thread shortly....
  3. I only have a 30 and will say it holds more than plenty - with lots of room - Are you comfortable with a large tote bag? Or do you prefer an average size? I would dare say the 30 birkin is comparable to an LV speedy bag with much easier access...
  4. 35 will be a tad bit longer than your le fab bag ;)

  5. But the 35 will be much taller than the Le Fab or not?

  6. Shoes, when you say to the Speedy, do you mean the Speedy 30, correct?
  7. here are comparison pics of my LV le fab and my 35cm and 30cm birkins:
    birkinslefab1.jpg birkinslefab2.jpg birkinslefab3.jpg
  8. Thanks PBC and Shoes!! I prefer an average size. I only carry a wallet, sunglass case, makeup/accessories pouch and phone. I really don't like a lot stuff in my bag as I feel to dischevled (is that even a word?). I'm leaning towards the 30cm.
  9. Actually I used the 25 speedy and it held a TON! Hated the opening though - I think the 30 will work great for you - I have it and love the size and wouldn't/couldn't do bigger! Plus bigger is heavy and often they are heavy enough in the 30....JMO though!
  10. btw, great pics PBC!!!
  11. You have such an awesome collection, PCB...TDF!
  12. I think a 35cm looks best when you're tall (5'5" and taller); 30cm looks best when you're on the petite side. Good luck with your decision!
  13. PBC - thanks so much for the comparison pic. It is exactly what I needed to see to cement my own decision.
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  14. I would like to add that I do feel height plays a role in the size of the birkin you can carry - and since I'm short (5'2") I don't feel I can pull off a 35 even though at times I would love more room!! However if one is taller, I think many LOVE the bigger birkin....and it fits them better...
  15. Solid advice here and I do agree