Birkin Sighting on Barefoot Contessa

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  1. I DVRd an episode from Barefoot Contessa on Saturday. Ina prepares a luncheon for some people on the committee to restore the Hamptons (or something like that). When the couple goes to Ina's house for lunch the blond girl is carrying a Birkin.

    The episode is on today again at 5 ET on the Food Network.
  2. Thanks! I love that show...and would also love a birkin sighting lol!
  3. Oh...I think I missed it. I know I've seen Ina wearing a black box Kelly and black box Bolide when she was out and about grocery shopping.
  4. I saw this episode while I was preparing dinner last night and wondered if that young woman was a tPF member. I guess that's what I'm starting to do now everytime I see someone carrying an Hermes bag.
  5. lol coco-nut! I did manage the spy the birkin though - thanks for the heads up! What us purse loving girls do just for a peek though lol!!!