1. A few weeks ago, I was in the Paris flagship store with friends, one of whom was determined to add to her Birkin collection. While there, I ran into the saleperson who helped with my Massai purchase the previous year. He was gracious and asked how he could help me. Before long, I found myself (quite unexpectedly) placing an order for a 30 cm Birkin in Black Epsom calfskin. I'm thrilled and panicked at the same time. It's a maaaajor purchase and I don't want to regret it.

    Does the 30 cm carry well from day to evening?

    Will the Epsom leather give it a polished look? I want a classic modern look, not too casual or too formal.

    Is the 30 cm instantly recognizable as an Hermes Birkin? I want to be a little under the radar and not judged by my bag by friends, colleagues - I just want a beautifully designed and crafted handbag that I'll enjoy for years to come.

    Would love to hear from your experiences. Thanks!
  2. I can understand your feelings. I felt the same way when I got my first Birkin. It's a big purchase, for sure. OK, I'm not sure you'll like my answers, but keep in mind they're just my opinions. I think the Birkin, in general, is a pretty casual bag, so I don't use it for evening at all. The epsom seems to be a "casual" leather, great for a sporty look, not really polished, like boxcalf would be. And anyone in the know about designer bags would be able to recognize a Birkin in any size. However, IME, most people in the general public are prone to not recongize the Birkin as much as, say, a Louis Vuitton Speedy, which has logos all over it. Again, these are my opinions, and the only one who knows if you made the right decision is you, so if getting the epsom in 30 cm feels right to you, that's what's most important:yes:
  3. MINNIE!!! YOOO HOOO!!!! This is your area of expertise here!!!!

    I on the other hand just LOVE the look of Black Epsom and GH. Minnie's is just to die for. It has the perfect day to evening look.
  4. Congratulations! I think you did well to order the 30 cm in Black Epsom – I personally find the 35 cm too big for me, so I love the 30 cm, and yes, it will be instantly recognizable. The Epsom is also great since you want a modern and slightly casual look.

    The only thing is the Birkins tend not to look that great as an evening bag, even in 25 cm exotic.
  5. Congratulations. It sounds as though it will be lovely!
  6. Congratulations on your birkin.
  7. Congrats! It is so nice your SA remembered you and offered to take an order for you! It is a big step, but I bet you will love it.
  8. Congrats! I don't think you will ever regret your purchase for even a moment.
  9. you will love it! it's the perfect size for day and evening use. and epsom it's very elegant.
    great choice!
  10. I think the 30, especially in black, will transition okay into evening, but not for anything formal since it's too big for that.
    The leather choice is really personal - I would prefer box, chevre or chamonix as a dressier leather, but it's a preference!
  11. I think you made a wonderful choice!
  12. I think it's a great purchase. In fact, I'm waiting for my 30 as well. Just walking on the street, I don't think many people recognize the Hermes brand, let alone how much a birkin costs. At least less so in the States, than say in Asia (because they've been so hyped up by the press daily). Of course for handbag addicts, you really can't hide from them- not matter what you buy.

  13. Congratulations! What a classic choice :heart:
  14. Dear Ms. StellaP:

    Although I am a color person, I think with 30cm, you can get into both day/night especially in BLK which will make the bag look a bit smaller than the color ones!!!

    With such $ spent, you want to be versatile and this is a GREAT choice with the GH hardware!!!

    Can't wait to see your SOON in-action pictures!!!
  15. Congrats!!!