Birkin Sellier... Thoughts?


Jan 20, 2007
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The Birkin Sellier first debuted in Spring/Summer 2015 in size 40 only. (Pic from @s2861301)

Fast forward to the Resort 2019 runway show, we see sightings of the Birkin Sellier again. It was only available as a push offer item in size 30 and 35 in Veau Naturelle and Veau Graine Monsieur for Spring.

It is however now available from podium for current Fall/Winter 2019. It now comes in size 25, 30, and 35. The various leathers available include Epsom, Veau Madame and Veau Monsieur.
Screenshot_20191203-121105_Instagram.jpg Bleu de Minuit Birkin Sellier (credit: seasonhuang on IG)

So, what are your thoughts on the Birkin Sellier? Yes, no, maybe so? :giggle: Discuss! :nuts:

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Feb 3, 2008
Thank you for this @Meta! Emphatic yes from me. When offered a BBB30 I hesitated for a moment thinking I'd prefer a Sellier but was told (a few weeks ago) it would be push only, so no gtee.

To hear now that it's PO (for current A/W19? Hasn't that passed or apologies if I'm mistaken on timing) is exciting but also sad for my wallet!
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Oct 10, 2007
I think the Birkin is perfect for sellier, with it being a square tote and all. I'd love to see it in a soft leather, that contrast, like a swift... A mou Birkin sellier could be so cool.
Jan 15, 2011
There is a long Birkin Sellier thread starting from the first release here .

I think it's absolutely beautiful in the smaller sizes, but I've owned a Whitebus which is similarly structured and that level of structure in an open tote wasn't for me.


Sep 2, 2019
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The sangle sizes look all over the map—-Is it just the pictures or are they trying different proportions?

Lol! Oliver you crack me up.

I don’t know, she’s kind of a snootier version of her Retourne cousin. As it is, I’m not all that crazy about seeing people carrying Birkins around in 5 inch stilettos with their wrists up in the air like they’re holding a teacup with a poised pinkie finger...It’s a tote bag for crying out loud, throw your cr@p in it and get moving....But as long as we can keep our heads and don’t start carrying it with evening gowns just because it’s Sellier, I’m all in. :smile:
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