Birkin scoop........

  1. Ladies an SA told me yesterday they are going to offer a strap with the Birkin very soon! Have you heard the news? :yahoo:
  2. Wow I wonder what that would look like. Ideally I wish they would just lengthen the straps a little so you could throw it on your shoulder if you need but it would not change the look almost at all.

    I wonder if the strap will work on new birkins that will be made to with something to attach a strap to or if the strap would be able to be used on even birkins produced before.

    I make no sense and can't type. I am going get coffee
  3. LMAO, FLEUR.......I'm on my second cup!

    This is interesting news!!!.....I don't know how I feel about it yet because what I like about owning both Birkins and Kellys is that when I feel the need for a shoulderbag, I grab my Kelly. I kind of like that I have to make the choice, KWIM?
  4. Hummm....I don't think I'm going to like that. If you want a longer strap...I agree reach for a Kelly, or JPG.
  5. i am pretty certain they would make it removable, i cannot think they would change the design by making it affixed, IMO always better to have the choice:yes:
  6. Maybe they'll have little hooks inside where you can attach the strap. I'm all for this, but ideally, would like just slightly longer handles.
  7. hmm...the bag is heavy as place hooks inside would maybe 'strain' the strap and maybe seem even heavier...does that make sense?...

    Anyway...the appeal of a Birkin is that its a handheld tote...

    Guess I have to see it first to decide...
  8. HC, I love this news! I assume the straps would be detachable, so you could still carry it the traditional way. :smile: I can't wait to see what a Birkin with straps would look like. :smile:
  9. any idea when they have a proto type out that we could see????
  10. In the past Birkins were sometimes special made for a detachable canvas strap in one of two ways, attachment loops under the handles, as a Bolide,or with the metal attachment loops sewn into the seam of the top flap. I was told than Hermes considered the Birkin to be a HAND bad and stopped taking these orders.
    I have seen a Birkin carried with the strap the first way and I did not like the look myself.

    Also some years ago, you could order the Birkin with the handles just a little longer so that it would fit over the shoulder.

    I am with S'Mom, if you want a shoulder strap why not carry a Kelly (or a Bolide)
  11. I hope they don't phase out the current design thou, that would suck.
  12. Interesting
  13. Very interesting. I wonder if they would add reinforcements to the hooks so avoid the strain to the bag?
  14. Interesting news, I'm not sure what to think. I guess I agree with Golconda "I am with S'Mom, if you want a shoulder strap why not carry a Kelly (or a Bolide)".
  15. i may not use it but like the idea if the hooks are inside where you can't see them, i will ask about pics next time i see her.