Birkin- Rigide vs. Floppy

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  1. I tried to find some answers before I started to post this new thread, but couldn't find what I was looking for. I will see if I can express my question here.
    To get more of a rigide bag that hold the shape and stands up the best would you only order Togo leather?
    When you purchase Clemence does it squish and flop more and not hold shape as well?
    Does the stitching outside vs. inside really make any difference when it comes to how rigide the bag is in holding shape?

    So, can anyone answer the above?

    Also, if you had to group it...what leather types would you say to order if you want a rigide bag? What then would you order for a more relaxed bag?
  2. Hey KB, let me take a stab at your questions.

    Unlike Kellys, Birkins don't come with outside or inside stitching. It's always inside stitching. The most rigide leathers of all are Box calf, Epsom and chamonix. Epsom is a slightly textured pressed leather. Check ebay and search for an example. Box calf and chamonix are rigide but will give you a more formal look. Don't you have a box calf Kelly?

    Over TIME, a Clemence bag will be softer and floppier than most other leathers. For you, I'd say avoid this leather for what you want. Togo is a slightly stiffer leather and will keep it's shape better. Chevre will also keep it's shape and has more "body" to the leather but will not be as rigide as, say, box calf.

    In closing, I think you'll be happy with Togo, Chevre (lucky to find this in a Birkin) or Epsom.
    PERSONALLY, Epsom is not my favorite for colored Birkins. Fine in white or black, maybe some browns. I saw a Blue Jean Epsom and it casts a much paler shade than blue jean does in Togo leather.

    Togo is easiest to get and is an all around great leather. Cheaper than Chevre, if that matters to you.

    Hope this helped!
  3. Greentea, I need to put you on my private payroll for all your knowledge you share. I do own a black box calf Kelly and I didn't realize that it was the most rigid. (call me ignorant on that one) I bought it for the beauty of the bag. It just looks stunning in box calf.
    I planned to purchase my Birkin in Togo, but I really wanted to make sure that is what I wanted. Now, don't laugh at me because I just don't know tell me Box, Epsom, and chamonix are the most rigid. So, where does Togo fall in there? It comes after those #4? I just feel foolish that I don't know this...I understand where it comes from, but I wondered about the rest.
  4. Hey Greentea - do you know if Chevre is similar to Suhali leather in terms of plushness, texture, and durability? I saw some closeup pictures on, and it looks very similar to my Suhali pieces.

    If so, I will make it one of my life goals to hunt down a Chevre Birkin. :smile:
  5. Clanalois, LV Suhali bags are made from goat leather and I find that they look very similar to the Chevre Mysore (goat) leather of Hermes!

    I saw the pics of your LV Suhali Fabuleaux (sp?) where the goat spine runs along the centre of the bag...beautiful!!! :love: IMO that is one of the best feature on a goat skin bag. Hermes goat leather bags are also made like that!

    This could be just me but I think the best textured leather to get for a Birkin is Chevre (goat). The grain is more exotic & beautiful as compared to calf. Another plus point about Hermes chevre bags is that they are very light ( as compared to calf ) and very durable. When I was getting my 32cm Kelly in Chevre leather, my SA showed me another 32cm Kelly in Togo and I immediately noticed the difference. The chevre Kelly was much lighter!

    I posted some info. about Hermes goat leather in another's the link:
  6. I had no idea that it was the spine that ran along the middle of the back on the Le Fab, that is incredible. I can totally see it now...makes me love my bag even more.

    The search is definitely on for a Chevre now. :smile: Thanks for the info, gigi!
  7. Clanalois, just an add-on to my post...If we disregard the exotic leathers like croc, ostrich and lizard, Chevre leather is rarer & not as common as compared to calf...which would add to the exclusivity of your Birkin or Kelly! :amuse:
  8. Thanks for that info. The croc is amazing, but I don't think it's as understated as the Chevre (how do you pronounce it?) -- but that wouldn't stop me from getting the croc if the opportunity presented itself, lol! If you don't mind my asking, how much does a Chevre 30cm or 35cm usually go for? ;)
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  9. Ah ha...I'd have to ask my SA on the pronunciation! :lol: :lol: :lol: Usually she'd just say Mysore or Coromandel.

    Unfortunately, Birkin prices has increased alot in the last 2 years. Right now a 30cm is about US$7,000 & 35cm is about US$8,000. Chevre should be about US$200-US$300 more...but I wouldn't mind paying a little bit more for a chevre bag! :amuse:

    btw, it also depends on where you buy your bag. France / Europe has the best prices. The most expensive is Japan. In Tokyo, the retail of a 30cm leather Birkin is almost US$8,000. :wacko: Hope this helps! :amuse:
  10. That definitely helps! I also wouldn't mind paying more for the Chevre -- the spine down the middle is absolutely divine and gives me a mental orgasm when I look at it (and that is definitely worth the price!).

    credit Montecarloclub on Ebay

    Considering the fact that I thought Birkins were priced at least double what you stated, $8000 does not seem like very much to me, relatively. Thank you for your information, gigi!
  11. YAY!!! Another member on the chevre bandwagon! Me too...I love it!!! :love: :love: :love: On my chevre Kelly, it extends all the way from the front, back & the bottom of the bag. Even when I open my Kelly, I see this goat spine on the underside of the flap of my Kelly. Truly exquisite!!! Strangely, my SA told me that there are some people who didn't like it :blink: :blink: :blink:

    If you don't mind about the Tokyo prices, you should definitely check out the store if you visit's still better than to pay the mark-ups by the resellers...and nothing beats the experience of getting your Birkin or Kelly straight from an Hermes store! :smile: :nuts:
  12. Maybe because it reminds them that a sweet little goat was sacrificed for their bag? :huh: In my opinion, the goat will live on and be treasured forever. :lol: Same with the crocodile, except I can easily visualize the baby croc wrapping around the bag...:sad:

    I agree, nothing beats getting the bag from the boutique. The premium we pay with buying at the boutique rewards us for years to come. I'm just worried I may never run across my dream Birkin, but I suppose when I save up enough $ (goal is ~$12k currently), I can go to the boutique as often as I want until it comes (and hopefully be good friends with the SA). The Ebay offerings are tempting, but I'd rather wait than pay an extra $3000 or more.
  13. Chevre is my favorite Hermes leather and the one I'd choose for any Birkin special order if I could. It's SOOOO beautiful!

    I like it on the Suhali bags too! Beautiful! They are quite heavy, though because of the finishing and hardware. I love Hermes Chevre bags because, as Gigi said, they are so lightweight!

    Chevre is pronounced as Shev. :smile:
  14. Thanks Greentea!!! :smile:
  15. Greentea_

    I own a black Togo 35mm Birkin. I ordered it from Paris about 7 years it in 6 months. I was recently in Paris, and ordered a gold 35mm, but didnt specify the leather...dont know why it didnt come up...for some reason, I assumed it would also be in the Togo. Anyway, the bag is in, but in the Clemence leather. It was ready within a few weeks. I assume it was in stock or someone else ordered and did not pick up or respond. I know the diffence between the two, Togo is stiffer, clemence softer. I cant decide whether to take this bag or reorder. I like my Togo, although I may like the clemence just as much...dont know, have not seen one in person. Is there a "preferred" leather in the gold birkin? What is the most commonly ordered leather for a Birkin...if you know. Are they similar enought that I shouldnt stress over it and just take it? Thanks