Birkin RGHW question

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Would you bring it back to the shop and ask for an exchange?

Poll closed Apr 16, 2020.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I just got my first RGHW Birkin and was dismayed to discover that the inside zip is yellow gold. Does anyone else have this issue? I purchased the bag directly from Hermes boutique. I messaged my SA and she said it’s normal, which I find hard to believe...? 2E0D4142-A7E2-44AF-893F-D2E91A42CBA1.jpeg
  2. I have ever seen a purse where the outside hardware is gold but the zip is PHW

    So I am not too surprised to see your zip in gold ...
  3. It is normal, it's been discussed here a few times. I believe the outside stamp is gold too? Regardless, I think it's odd and it's soured me on RGHW.
  4. It’s normal. It’s been mentioned a couple times here.

    Also some wallets and Constances too with RGHW outside have gold zippers inside.
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  5. They don’t have the full complement of RGHW parts for the bags so this is normal. I reckon Hermes feels it’s not as noticeable on inside zips and just goes with it. However I think mixing GHW and PHW is a mistake/ defect.
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  7. It is a nice purse. It is normal. But personally, I want the outside to match the inside hw so that will not be cool with me either.
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  8. i would exchange it if it were mine. i prefer them to match. just my opinion.
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  9. My RGHW bags all come with gold zippers, and I dont believe they ever match them with RG zipper in terms of bags, as much as I wish H to do so
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  10. Rghw is beautiful. It is such a shame that the hardware and zip don’t match. For me, I cannot accept that the inside zipper is gold, not for wallet and not for birkin. For this reason I decided not to request for a Rghw birkin anymore until one day all the hardware matches.

    I know people won’t see the zip but I will see it every time I use the birkin or wallet.

    For a Constance with Rghw I will jump at it.
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  11. My RGHW Constance inside zipper is GHW as well. Just so you know.
  12. I'd return it. But that's just me
  13. Thank you for all your replies. I’m reassured to know that mine is not a defective bag but I’m disappointed that H was not more meticulous about matching the internal hardware. I suppose it must be a technical issue but still... Anyway I’ve decided to keep my bag. Maybe one day if/when I have enough Bs I will rehome this one but for now I will enjoy it and try not to notice the inside zipper!
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    Wow I never even noticed and I have several RGHW bags. Now that I know the zipper is gold... woops... I still don't care hahahah The one thing that does bother me a bit is that the HERMES stamping is gold. That is on the front of the bag (visible on a Birkin). I mean they can't make a rose gold stamp??? However, I'd never turn down or return a bag for this... Just me. MORE ROSE GOLD FOR ME PLEASE H GODS!!!! hahahahaha
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  15. I mean a Constance bag :smile: but thanks