Birkin Questions

  1. What is the most coveted/requested size of the Birkin bag?

    What is the most requested type/combo of leathers and hardware?
  2. Over here the most popular size is 30cm, but someone else said that where they were it was the 35cm. Since there is no waitlist here anymore I can't really speak for a most requested, but my SA said that blue jean seems to come in randomly more often than others (although for the life of me I've never been so lucky to walk in on one!). He also said that people like the grained leathers since they are more resistant to scratches. I love the bicolor, but apparently it has only been coming out in box, so hes trying to steer me away from that :lol:
  3. Can you get a SAs call you when new Birkins come in? Wouldn't that be the best, most efficient way to score a Birkin?
  4. ^^^its against the rules at the Waikiki boutique, but if you call they'll tell you whats there :biggrin: Policy probably varies store to store.