Birkin Question

  1. Would anyone happen to know the biggest size that the Birkin comes in? I'm considering down the line getting one as a carry on. I have already considered the HAC but unfortunately do not like how tall it looks in bigger sizes. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Don't the travel birkins come in 50cm? Will wait for more knowledgable experts to chime in. And I think a 50cm could work as a carry on size. Can't you go up to 60cm? :shrugs:
  3. you'll need a cart to push a 60 cm. too heavy!!!!!:smile:
  4. the 50cm birkin is fabulous! large and i think someone here has one..
  5. Is it EricFam? I know he did an SO for a big birkin earlier this year. Can't remember if he got it or not.

    Yes, if my 35cm Clemence is any indication, the travel size will be very heavy!!
  6. Hmm...hopefully Eric sees this then! I'd really love to know, I'm thinking down the line getting a travel one in 50cm, and possibly one as a briefcase in either 40, or 45.
  7. Birkin 50cm is HUGE and Heavy!! I just got my 2nd podium order of Birkin Etoupe in 40cm, with Gold HW .. which is a good size for carry-on!!

    Depending on how tall are you, I'm 5'4 in hieght...Birkin 50cm gigantuous on me, I can fit in it!! 40cm is perfect.
  8. The 50 is HUGE! They have and orange one at the SF store right now. I am 5 11 and it looked too big for me, and it weighed a billion pounds
  9. Ooooh, I saw that one, too! I think all 5'5" of me could get in it!:p But the colors???? SO GORGEOUS! Yum!
  10. 50cm but it's not that heavy because it's lined with fabric rather than chevre.

    I hefted someone's a while ago for a try-on, and it was VEEEERRRRY nice.
  11. Hmm...I wish I could go up there and see it. I'm 5'11" by the way so I think the size would be good. It's about the width of my keepall just taller.
  12. How much would the 50cm run? Or for that matter the 40cm and the 45cm?
  13. I KNOW!! I have an agenda with the exact color combo, but it is just too big!
  14. Hi there......Yes, have SO'd a 50cm. But I have been told that I may have to accept it in Vache Liegee. I would prefer Clemence and most prefer Chevre...but I was made to understand that they don't make the goats in that size. Sigh(could sigh the leaves off of a tree!).

    And yes, it is indeed HUGE. Was in Singapore last week and went to get some new goodies from H at Takashimaya and I played with a 50cm Paris-Bombay. It was black and yes, stunning. Better than the Birkin IMO. I did not get it as I was on a self-imposed bad....(have to impose it upon oneself before the bank does.) I went into credit card debt for my last Birkin.....and no, never again. I loved and hated the bag until it was paid up.

    The Paris-Bombay is a lot more structured and a bit more elegant and 'conservative-classy'. It was in Vache Liegee.
    Another much cheaper option is the Valparaiso 50cm. I grabbed the last one at the airport H store. It's huge as well. Fit's just about everything but the kitchen sink. but it's cotton...not canvas. So a bit more fragile. And the leather flap is very very very very prone to scratches. But then again, I met up with a kind and beautiful woman at the H store toting a box birkin with the most innovative lining. Hers was scratched but with enough style, elegance and when you exude this calm radiance, it does not matter.

    Good luck on your search!
  15. 50cm Birkin - Clemence in Paris FSH: 6600 to 6850 Euros.

    50cm Paris Bombay in Vache Liegee - Singapore: 9180 singapore Dollars.

    By the way,....the 45cm Birkins have been discontinued for various reasons. One of which was workmanship problems that arose due to the east-west design of the bag. There were many problems in the atelier with getting the proportions perfect.