Birkin Question

  1. Do the inner zippers say YKK on them?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Oh oh, no, never.

    And welcome to the forum!!
  3. i assume hermes has all their hardware made specially for them and doesn't buy anything massed produced like ykk. mine just says "hermes" on the zipper pull.
  4. Some vintage Kellys have "YKK" zippers. Birkins not as far as I know.
  5. I think I have seen "eclair" zippers on vintage pieces as well...but not YKK...
  6. I have a vintage bag that has a YKK zipper. It is authentic.
  7. HG, is that a Birkin or a Kelly? I thought the Birkin is too young to have YKK zippers.
  8. Actually, it's a Pochette trim. Sorry if I confused you. The Birkin shouldn't have a YKK zipper.
  9. hello, i'm new to purse blog having just inherited a vintage kelly bag. i'm curious about the YKK thread. what years did Hermes use YKK zippers in their kelly bags?
  10. Post pic in the authenicate this thread .