Birkin Question (threads)

  1. Most Birkins I see have white thread. Have any of you ever seen an authentic Birkin with something other than white? I always think it makes the bag look sort of casual.

  2. I have a red birkin and the thread appears 'hot pink' or could be a different shade of red.
  3. My beautiful black Box HAC has black thread....looks very:supacool:
  4. My gold ostrich birkin has brown and gold thread (both!) :nuts:
  5. Some Vert Anis Bags have brown stitching.......lilack posted a croc pic the other day - croc was braise (red) with pink stitching - divine!!!!!!
  6. there also is a combo of violet bag and lavender stitching ah and the before mentioned red with pink but you can also get ti in red with red and as a special order blue jean with blue jean. or brown with raisin basically every comco you can imagine can or is be done :flowers:
  7. My Potiron Birkin has tone-on-tone stitching. White stitching is usally found on Blue Jean, sometimes orange, gold..and a few others but they've slipped my mind for now. :smile:
  8. [​IMG]

    How about this? Don't you love it?

    (Source: Sticky at the top of Hermes subforum)
  9. I've seen white stitching on black and Rouge H Birkins. Definitely gives them an even more casual look!
  10. Kellybag!! Love that combo...what is it?:yahoo:
  11. It really depends. I've seen mostly blue jean, gold and natural colors with white thread. There's also red with white stitching.

    I agree that the bags look more casual with white stitching.
  12. I think Hermes mostly does white stitching or tone-on-tone, but, the bags are handmade, so they can do anything. I have a Vert Anis Trim with Raisin stitching.
  13. User, I'm not a green girl but I've always liked that combination!
  14. User, how pretty is that!!
  15. It said chocolate with orange, but you could be incorrect. Not sure. Maybe someone will chime in. All I know is if I was offered this combo there would be NO HESITATION!!! I saved it in my pm box to look at it here and there. I gotta do what I gotta do to satisfy my cravings!