Birkin Question - straps

  1. Birkin owners,
    Do you feel the need to tug at the straps to tighten up your Birkin when it is in use? I often find the straps loosening up too much, :sad: even though they are resting on the strap guides. If I don't do anything about it, I find that the bag gets untidy, like the way celebrities use their Birkins, and I don't like it a bit. And this means tidying up the bag every now and then, which is rather irritating. :s

    Any tips?
  2. Agreed, mrssparkles!! It might help some, if you have a Birkin with a stiffer leather. What leather is your Birkin?

    But, those straps just seem to loosen no matter what although a soft leather, like Clemence, might hurry the process along. I find myself doing the same thing and often just buckle those straps for awhile just to get them to behave.

    Only thing is, my Birkin is a 30 and when not as easy to access as I'd like although overall, it's fine. I suspect a buckled 35 Birkin would be an ideal access although I have not tried it.
  3. Yes, Mrssparkles! I do that very often with my TOGO Birkin, especially now that it is 2 years old and has slouched even more.
    The bags just just spreads out throughout the day and if I ignore the straps, the whole bag opens up and the straps become 'undone' and comes out of the holes in the bag....I personally don't like this as it looks sloppy to me. :s

    Also, resting it on the strap guides and ignoring it ends up with the HW on the straps being scratched by the strap guides as the bag/straps loosen and becomes undone.

    I dun have to do that with my Epsom one (yet?)...probably because it is stiffer. :confused1: The bag holds its shape the whole time.
    I've learnt on the Forum that Chevre is stiffer than TOGO...does it happen less often with a Chevre Birkin because it is stiffer too? Anyone?

    Btw, I've always wondered about this too, thanks for posting Mrssparkles! :flowers:
  4. yesssssss! :yes:
    i never lock my bag.
    as a result, i am often pulling on the straps,
    as they pull further and further away from the holes.
    i bought my ardennes (not made any more) birken in 1999,
    and it has definitely softened and slouched a lot.
    still love it though!
  5. I have this problem too; but it does happen more with softer leathers...My Swift Birkin that I got 2 months ago, started doing it straight away, which I find pretty annoying...In fact, in my experience, I would say that my Swift BK is n°1 with this problem, followed by my Clemence, my Ardennes and Courchevel are much better, even though they are 8/9 years old, and probably the one that does it less is my thalassa box, but I've hardly used her, and she's at the spa at the moment....So I'm pretty sure that the softer leathers do it more than the stiffer ones....
  6. phew! Susi, Am*,sbl, duna, thank you so much for posting. You all make me feel so sane again. I was so worried back there that I could well be the only lunatic who couldn't help adjusting the straps all the time!

    Susi, it happens to both my 35cm vache liegee and also my 30cm togo. :Push: And VL is a stiff leather as you know.

    I tried securing the staps on the turn lock but like you said, the mouth access into the bag is terribly compromised and I can hardly reach for my belongings. In fact, if I do this, I would bound to get my hand stuck in the inside pocket on the front panel.:rolleyes:

    Am*, yeah exactly my thoughts here ...
  7. I feel you - it's more of a problem with the 30cm size. I can lock the straps on my 35cm and have pretty good access to my contents. If I let them fly around, I find myself tugging at them every so often, too. :smile:
  8. Great thread MrsS. AM--yup, it does happen less often with the Chevre, but I'm so paranoid about scratching up the hardware on the straps through the guides (if I'm not hooking them on the turnlock) that I've given up trying to tug at often, especially if my bag is full. Hooking the straps on the turnlock I do only when I'm not carrying much in my bag. The bag gets a bit distorted if the bottom is bulky if I do that. Not quite as tidy.