Birkin question from a newbie...

  1. Hi, ladies!

    I just found this site today and I LOVE it!

    I have been in the market for a Birkin for quite awhile. Is it at all possible for a non-famous person like myself to find an authentic one, or am I wasting my time searching?

    I've looked on eBay, but I'm leary of the sellers. Can anyone recommend a particular seller? Any tips, hints, or suggestions on where to find one would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Welcome to the PF!!! You will love it here!

    There are many reputable sellers on ebay and in fact many are members here! Flossyfigaro, creatuersdeluxe, 88caviar, Montecarloclub, luxwear, luxury zurich, etc. The other ladies will post some reputable sellers as well.

    And the best way to get a bag from hermes directly is to establish a relationship with a sales associate. It has worked for many of our members, and will work for you as well.

    If you have any questions about authenticity of a bag on ebay or elsewhere, just post it in the AUthenticate This sticky on teh top of the forum, and our members will help you authenticate it- and tell you when to steer clear of a sale!

    Good luck on your quest! And welcome again!~
  3. Hi and welcome! There's plenty of ways to get a real Birkin... first of which is going to the Hermes store :nuts:

    But check the Hermes finds thread for great bargains from authentic resellers and not so great bargains (ie: huge markups) from authentic resellers.
  4. Hi there,

    You have come to the right place! There is so much encyclopaedic knowledge on all things Hermes here and people are so very helpful. I don't believe anybody is really famous. Some are richer than others, some have more bags than others, but at the end of the day we're all driven by our passion for the big H.

    If you're determined to get your bag, you will get it . For sure!
  5. Hello Beauty Editor. Welcome :flowers: Try looking at these threads

    If you find a Birkin you like online or from a reseller post it in the Authenticate This sticky and someone will help determine whether or not it is the real deal.


    Good luck!!! When you do get your Birkin (because where there is a will there is always a way) post pictures here and let us know. We would all love to hear about it.
  6. down on your knees and say !sorry madonna!


    welcome to the forum just do a bit of a search you can find alot of infos on here and maybe also the pinned thread on top of the page do come handy
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I agree. Everyone here is absolutely fab and very nice too!:flowers:
  8. Caramba! OK, maybe some people are more famous than others :yes: !
  9. Welcome and yes! You can find them on e-bay by great sellers - in fact, I've purchased a bunch from there and been very pleased -- I do recommend though, you run EVERY question by the gals around here as they are all nothing short of amazing! Enjoy!!
  10. A big welcome to you! After reading those threads feel free to ask any other question you have!
    What is your dream Birkin?
  11. Now, do you want me to Paddy your right knee or your left? :supacool:

    We're the Hermes mafia. Of course we're (in)famous.
  12. Welcome and good luck with your search!!!! :flowers:
  13. Welcome! glad to have you join us in our obsession :biggrin:
  14. Welcome!! I ordered a Birkin a few days ago - and I'm a NOBODY!!!!! LOL!