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  1. If you have purchased a birkin in any size lately or have encountered the recent pricing at the boutique please post.

    I know members have been wondering what leathers and sizes are going for now and it would be great if we could share our information.
  2. Paris 30cm Birkin Togo BJ Euro 4500 with Tax.
  3. 30 birkin 6850 chevre gold hw nyc or was it 6950
    definately one of them. i have it on SO, soon to arrive
    i may have to let it go, as i may not have the funds boo hoo
    i am a bit short another boo hoo
  4. Birkin 35 Swift 5050 euro in Rome...
  5. Singapore: Birkin sz30, epsom=S$11,100 (inclusive of 5% tax refundable for tourists).

    Singapore: Birkin sz25, epsom= S$9,100 (inclusive of 5% tax refundable for tourists).
  6. I thought chevre is always more expensive than togo, right:shrugs: ? Hmmm....

    togo 30cm: $6850 before tax
    togo35cm:$7400 before tax
    Vach liagee 30cm: $7650 before tax
    VL 35cm $8800 before tax
    HAC 32cm togo (about 7~8months ago): $7040 before tax
    Ostrich Birkin 35cm:$16000 before tax (I was told it was increased from $14800 before tax)
    JPG shoulder Birkin:$8900 before tax
  7. hmmm...could be i meant clemence.?
    dont remember
  8. Very good thread Kellybag, thank you!
  9. Thanks Starnoza! We really needed this.

    Any pricing for box?
  10. Great Idea Kellybag. If it is OK with you I will add the link to this and the Kelly Pricing thread to the FAQ thread.
  11. 30cm Swift: $6,850 before tax
  12. Last week, Paris, 35 cm Clemence Birkin, 4482 euros (4850 (VAT included)), minus 10% export discount (making it 4365) plus shipping and insurance (117) = total 4482 euros.
  13. 25cm Chocolate Epsom Birkin GH $5500 before tax (1 month ago)
  14. birkin 30 in swift 4550 euros in Paris
  15. Paris 35cm box birkin 4900 euro
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.