Birkin Price

  1. Hello all!
    I was wondering if any of you know the price for a 35 cm Birkin in togo leather.
    Also, I've heard mixed things from people about their availability.
    Some have said that they have small amounts in the store and you can buy one on the spot, but others have said that there's still a 2-3 year waiting list.
    Can anyone clear this up for me?
  2. My husband bought one for me last year with Palladium (silvertone) hardware, 35cm in black togo (blind stamped "I" for 2005) for $6,600 not including sales tax. We had to wait about 4 months from the time that we requested it. In that 4 months period we did buy things like watches, scarves, perfume, etc from the same sales person and we had previously purchased items from Hermes around the country. I put my name on a "List" at the Texas boutique going on 3 years ago and have yet to receive a call. It literally is the luck of the draw.

    About a month ago I was at my local boutique and they had a 30CM blue jean Birkin with Palladium hardware. It was sitting in the window and had been for 23 minutes. While I was speaking to my sales person, it was purchased by someone that walked by, walked in and said "wrap it up". I think it is a little easier to find a Kelly at a boutique, but I have seen Birkin's around that weren't waiting for a specific party and were on the shelf. Also, if you order one and then do not want it it will go on the shelf or to whomever the sales person wishes to notify by phone. That is when its great to be on a first name basis with the sales staff.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Hi! Now it's up to $7400 for a 35cm. Visit the Birkin/Kelly FAQ thread in our reference sub-forum for help with all kinds of Birkin Q's. :smile:
  4. does anyone know how much at 35 togo in vancouver is? or a 30? just wanna know the difference from US $
  5. NYC: i saw your post about the SA who put you on the birkin list... was he young? if its him hes the store manager :smile: He said he'ld call me for a Evelyne but never did I dont know. I hope you had better luck than me!

    Anyway its expensive 32cm clemence Kelly is estimated to be at least 8000 appx..... So I assume Birkin 9000? If I ever find out I'll let you know !!
  6. Does anyone know how much for a 35cm Chevre leather in the USA or Vancouver is?
  7. Could someone please tell me the approximate current retail price of a 30cm Birkin in Clemence? US dollars, please.
  8. It was $6800 but now with the recent price hikes, I am not sure anymore!
  9. thanks jag!
    So does anyone know if there was a price hike from $6800?

    Looking for price of 30cm Birkin in clemence....
    Thanks ladies!
  10. Hello!! Newbie here.
    I purchased my Clemence 30 Birkin for CAD$8490 in Vancouver, BC. My Epsom Kelly 28 cost CAD$7850. Hope this helps!
  11. Dang, it's a couple hundred bucks more expensive in Canada ...
  12. Yes, it really hurts!!!! Consider there is 13% on top!!! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I keep getting different prices too, I just want a 30 in togo with PH.
  14. Saw one in Chicago a few months ago. It was around US$7700.
  15. Current price USA for 30cm is $8350 for togo. For a 35cm it is $8950