birkin pink bubblegum size 35cm or birkin ruby size 35cm?

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  1. I'm kind of confuse to choose between these two colors...Birkin pink bubblegum 35cm or birkin ruby size 35cm?I like pink but for color like pink in size 35cm will it be too much?My resellers offer me ruby size 35cm...Now I'm confused...Please help.Thanks.
  2. Rubis u mean?
    Its a deeper shade of the red family with pink undertones.

    It is very different with the Pink becoz Pink is more a bubblegum colour - and it is purely pink.
    I would think if u want something to match better, Rubis is a great everyday colour if u wear alot of blacks and neutrals.

    Pink is a pretty loud colour and it does gather some attention becoz its so rare.
    Take a look at both and maybe u will find the answer.

    Good luck babe!
  3. well -- the answer will depend on what kind of girl you are.
    i personally will choose the bubble gum because i love pink. but i do have both RG and RS and love them both (dont tell anyone though .. RS is my favorite of them all!!) LOL!

    what ever you will choose though, im sure it will be one fabulous bag!
    keep us posted!
  4. Personally pink so much more a unique bag, I have to say rubis is a color that though interesting is not so perfectly pink if anything and don't get me wrong I like it I find it a bit like my boganvillier a confused color you can't exactly say what it is thus it's not defined ,hope it helps dear .birkel.
  5. I doub the price would be the same for a Pink as for a Rubis.
    May be that will help you making your choice ?
  6. :yes:

  7. ^ITA. Including, leathers.

    Up to the individulas, I don't find Pink 35 as humongous Barbie Doll.
  8. The price of the pink bubblegum is much more expensive.I'm still confused...
  9. I love pink, but I feel the Rubis would be a more universal color. Rubis still has a pink tone to it.
  10. In a 35cm, I would pick rubis. I am a great fan of all things pink, and I have the new pink, but in a 30cm. For some reason, I feel that a 35cm in the new pink might be a tad too much. Good luck with your decision!
  11. I agree, Rubis 35, Pink 30... JMHO and congrats on whichever you choose!
  12. I agree that the type of leather will also emphasize or de-emphasize the coloring. For example, bubble gum pink in swift (more vibrant IMHO) looks different than bubble gum pink in clemence (more subdued and slightly darker), assuming you could find it in clemence these days. Also, it depends on your wardrobe and your lifestyle. For me, I work in a pretty conservative energy company and would not be able to pull off a bubble gum pink handbag without attracting unsolicited attention. Rubis sounds like a good in-between choice in that it's not as "serious" as Rouge H (which I also love and have, by the way) and bubble gum pink. Rubis is a pretty soft color with raspberry undertones and not as vibrant as bougainvillea.

    But, if your heart has been set on bubble gum pink all this time, please don't settle for the rubis just because your SA has one in hand. Good luck! And, I hope to see a reveal here soon!
  13. I am a true pink lover and I have both the rubis in 30cm Birkin and the Pink in 35cm (AND 30cm Birkin as well).

    Speaking from experience: rubis was hyped as a red/pink and on the swatch it was divine. But having used my rubis bag for a while, I think it's not as cute as I imagined it. My friend calls it "mature" and I do see that if I had wanted a slightly brighter shade than rouge H, it would be ideal, but if I lean more toward RG, then rubis is a far competitor. It is muted and elegant, a younger version of rouge H.

    Pink, on the other is a bright, fun, playful color. There's no two opinions about this fact. I find that whether in a 30cm or 35cm, it really makes no big difference. I tend to dress around the color when I want to use it eg. Summery vintage sundress, or rolled cuffed shorts, or mini sheath in a subtle grey.

    So, in deciding which color, you must remember that you are looking at two very different bags. They're not close nor similar in any way.

    Ps. And as Perlerare said, the price between the two in resale is also very different because Pink birkins and kellys are usually by SO only.
  14. TammyD - ITA! You hit the nail right on the head - that's what I was trying to say, but you said it much better!