Birkin or Le Fabuleux

  1. Sorry to post another one of these questions but I'm about to drop a mint on a birkin and I'm really freaked!! Birkin or Le Fabuleux?
  2. birkin =D
  3. Le Fabuleux
  4. Birkin all the way............
  5. oooh, that's a tough one. if you have the funds for a birkin, and you love it, go for it. it is truly timeless. that being said, i have a black le fab and i love it.

    let us know what you decide!
  6. Birkin !:biggrin:
  7. birkin. no contest.
  8. Birkin!
  9. Birkin
  10. Birkin!!
  11. Birkin!!
  12. Okay I get it, I need to get the birkin already!!
  13. Birkin. I like the leather inside.
  14. Well, hopefully after two threads you'd be going after the Birkin (this is coming from a forum full of LV lovers too), but just in case.. another vote for the Birkin !
  15. Going against the majority here, I say Le Fab :love: I'm not a big fan of the Birkin. Now, if it was a Kelly, that's a different story :amuse:
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