Birkin or Kelly?

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Your pick?

  1. Birkin

  2. Kelly

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Same qn as title. Your pick?
  2. At least one of each!
  3. I agree with Greentea..!!
  4. Okay. I know you love both. But let's said you're given just 2 choices, what would you choose? I know this is hard.
  5. I love both of them. What a hard choice!
  6. I'd vote for Kelly right now, but it's not that I'd say no to a Birkin!
  7. I have both and love both, but there's nothing like the birkin. :love:
  8. Birkin first, then definitely Kelly :biggrin:
  9. Is that your Birkin, Ivette? If so, it's beautiful!
  10. Yes it is Greentea. I got it a couple years ago, and I still love it. :love:
  11. I love both, but would definitely choose a Birkin first over the Kelly!
  12. I've both. The Birkin is a more casual bag, as it's essentially a tote. The Kelly is more dainty and classier one of the two. The Birkin is a great bag but I find that I use my Kelly more, as it's lighter and I love the classier look, especially when I need some perking up. With the souple style, the Kelly can be more "casualized".

    I got my Kelly 1st, then the Birkin. Thought I'll be totally in love and satiated with the Birkin. Recently my Kelly passion has been reignited. Think it has something to do with pictures of V.Beckham and her rigide black Kelly! Also, there seems to be more ladies with Birkins than Kellys.
  13. BIRKIN!!!:love:
  14. Birkin!
  15. Kelly!