Birkin or Kelly

  1. My wife's 30th is coming up and want to get her something special. From all the research I've done, it's quite hard to get a Birkin. Been to a few stores and while they have Kellys in stock ofcourse no Birkins. better to save the Birkin till when I can find one for the future? or get the Kelly? and advice? thanks
  2. Do you know what your wife would prefer?
    A Birkin is a wonderful gift but there are women (myself included) who prefer Kellys.
    And lots of people of course like it even better to get both!
  3. WOW!!
    Kelly birkin, that is such a personal question.
    I would much rather have a Kelly over a Birkin.
    But then there are so many people who would much rather a Birkin over anything!!
  4. Does she normally have bigger bags- or smaller purses? I, personally would love a Birkin- but alas I must wait for my DH to deliver on that one! A couple of my girlfriends have Birkins and they absolutely LOVE them.
  5. What is her personal style? That might be a starting point to figure out which bag to select.
  6. Want it to be a total surprise so can't ask her... And I can't really tell the difference between the 2 other than the number of handles and shape...
  7. How about Hermes Gift Certificate for the Birkin amount so you won't go wrong for sure? I would be very glad receiveing one just like this! This way your wife will experience all the thrill hunting for her grail bag having all the funds in her hands! Good luck to you anyway, you are a wonderful and thoughtful husband~~~~
  8. I totally agree.. this is a great idea!!:tup:
  9. OK this is what I think...
    I love picking out things for myself, but the few times in my life when I have been completely surprised by a gift from a loved one, I have to say, there is nothing like it.
    It is easier to buy a Kelly than a Birkin, as you know. And maybe I am biased because I am totally in love with the Kelly and have never seen one that I wouldn't be happy to receive as a gift, but I believe a gift of a Kelly is the most romantic of gifts, and a surprise gift of a Kelly, well...
  10. WOW! What a thoughtful gift!!!!

    I would say, though, that this being a big-ticket item you should be as sure about what you choose as you can.

    Which style does she like best? You must have some idea just from paying attention to what she says and what she gravitates to. Then, you have to think about color/leather. No sense buying a Fushia Chevre Kelly just because it's on the shelf if she's a die-hard neutral gal. KWIM?
  11. Yes listen to S'Mom!
    Take a look through the reference threads and see if something strikes you as being something your wife would like. There is lots of information on the forum about different kinds of leather, etc.
  12. And yes, the best kind of surprise gift is the kind where, it is a total surprise to get it but the gift itself reflects a lot of thought and understanding of what I would have picked out for myself.
  13. tx for the replies. Ive narrowed in down to black, gold, or brown and a couple of the Hermes here where i live have the Kellys. the Birkins are ofcourse another story and may be her 40th before I find one at a Hermes shop..
  14. I totally agree! Gift Certficate!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  15. here's my 2 cents.. is your wife more of the type to dress up constantly or is she more casual?

    for me the birkin in a size 30cm can transition from casual to dressy easily. it can also transition from day to night easily given the correct outfits.

    the kelly for me is the ultimate lady-like classy handbag (very grace kelly elegant) hence I tend to think the kelly is ideal for evening or if the woman who carries it is usually very elegant & dressed up.

    these opinions ofcourse are just my own & I have seen some woman rock the casual kelly look. its just a look I can't see myself carrying. for casual days I prefer the birkin & I like how I know I can make the bag successfully transition from a day look to an evening look with the correct clothes.