Birkin or Kelly Leathers and availability..?

  1. How easy would it be to find a Birkin 35 or Kelly similar size in bleue roi contrast stitching and gold hardware, or similar blue colours or maybe even a brown neutral (with contrast stitching) like chocolate or lighter towards beige in a not so veiny (not clemence and fjord-like) but still basic durable leather or chevre during a two weeks trip to Paris (or do you have other suggestions of euro-countries with easier availability)? (as the LV collection right now is out of hand I'm hoping I'll actually like the birkin once I hold it IRL. ;) )

    And, could I order SO by mail now and pick it up in Paris later?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I dont know about the SO by mail since I have never done it but your chances of just coming across your specifics are nil unless you settle for etoupe or gold colors.
  3. Ok, thanks for replying. I*ll send Paris a letter in french (hoping it helps :upsidedown:) and keep you posted on the reply. ^_^