Birkin or Kelly in Hong Kong?

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  1. My mom is going to HK (where she is from). My BIL asked her to "get a Birkin" for my sister when she is there (from H store, not second hand). I told here that I thought that there wouldn't be any Birkins available for walk-in sale, though there might be some Kellys. Also, he told her that they would be $3-4K, which I think is way too low! I don't own any H bags (yet!!!!) so I thought I would ask you experts!
  2. I went into one of the shops the other day with a Birkin that I bought in Paris. they really looked me up and down then walked past me a couple times to see if my Birkin was real. Then they approached me. I tried some Bolides but they didn't have anything I liked so I asked about Kellys. The saleswoman said no at first but then she showed me one Kelly I've never seen before - apparantly it's a new style. It's a lot more casual - half box leather, half cloth with two outside pockets (or maybe it was three). It was more than HK$60,000 - so about US$7,700. She also said there was another Kelly in a pale leather - can't remember what - but I didn't bother to look at it.
    The good thing about HK is there's no sales tax. I didn't bother to ask about Birkins because I heard they go only to their VIP customers.
  3. Hi aprilmei,
    the Kelly that you saw was Kelly Lakis, a toile leather combo with 4 zipped pockets exterior, also comes with a shorter length leather on canvas shoulder strap.
    Hi cph706,
    think your mum might be able to seek a Kelly for you (either Kelly, Kelly Flat or Kelly Lakis) ranging from 40-57K (HKD), whereas Birkins are a little harder to obtain (still) and ranging from 50-60K (HKD). If I were you, should try Lee Gardens in Causeway Bay.

  4. This information is definitely not correct. This price quotes is like 1/3 of the retail price. Sounds fishy. I don't mean to offend but I am thinking it is Hermes inspired (fake) maybe?
  5. I had no luck with Kelly nor Kelly Pochette (can't be bothered asking for birkins) when I was there last month.
  6. Queenie, I think it's a hit and miss with Kellys. When I was there in April/May, I saw tons of Kellys and Kelly pochettes. I didn't bother with Birkins either.
  7. My parents went to HK a few times and they saw a few Kellys. Hermes stores in HK do not Birkins to non-local and non-regular customers.
  8. from what i know is the waitlist for birkin has been stopped from last year and wont be openned for pre order till further notice,that's what my SA told me.i'm local.but not VIP.maybe that's why they dont bother at all.however they are still polite.
  9. Infomation I got from a Hong Kong H store on 16 October 2007:

    Price of 35 cm Kelly in Clemence is HK$50,000 (USD6,370)
  10. I must be very unlucky then. :sad:
  11. Both dear, both.:tender: