Birkin or Kelly for rent

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  1. the prices are steep indeed.
  2. Yep, I second that, and would like too add that the prices are ridiculously steep! (I'll bet we could go on forever adding more adjectives to that description, too. We could make a long-running game of it. Like: 'The prices are insanely... outrageously... ridiculously steep.' And so on.)

    Definitely crazy!steep.
  3. very expensive to rent. :yes: I'd rather save money to buy the bag. :yes:
  4. :yes:
  5. That whole idea is beyond me.

    What does it say about people when they are willing to (over)pay to carry around a bag that's not theirs, presumably because they want to impress people? Blech. I have always felt like it was better to BE who you are, and have what you have, than be aspirational to the point of being deceptive about it.

    If you can really only afford Coach bags at the moment, then by all means, rock your Coach bags with pride because they're yours! Be who you are; not who you would like to pretend you are.
  6. I agree. This bag renting business encourages the wrong values.
  7. for that amount of money i would rather save it to buy myself the birkin 5k to rent for a month...pleaseee
  8. Very strange concept:shrugs:
  9. could you imagine renting it using it everywhere, then someone asks what happened to your (insert bag name here) :sweatdrop:

    I dont know about you guys but to say "Oh I rented that bag for a month but I had to return it last week" would be embarassing :upsidedown:
  10. Closing this because we have a few threads already on this in the Shopping subforum. Thanks!
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