Birkin or Kelly 35 cm???

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  1. I'm currently an LV addict and that's where I spend most of my time on Tpf, but I've always wanted a Hermes piece. Well, my 30th Birthday is in a few months and after visiting the Hermes boutique, I'm convinced it will make the perfect 30th birthday gift. Here's my issue, I'm not sure if I should get the Birkin 35 cm or the Kelly 35 cm. I know that the Birkin can be heavy when empty and I have a tendency to carry A LOT in my bag. On the other hand, I've always wanted one. Also, I saw the Kelly and I'm in love with it too! What do you all suggest I do (other than getting them both. Lol! )
  2. If you carry a lot in your bag you might consider the Birkin since it's got two handles and is more of a workhorse. If you carry a heavy amount in a 35 Kelly, you will be constantly opening and closing the flaps and lock. It's not recommended to carry the Kelly with just the turnkey closed, and the flaps hanging loose. It puts too much weight on the leather around the lock area, and it can bend the turnkey. I carry my Kelly with much less in it, but I carry loads in my Birkin. I hope this helps.........:flowers:
  3. it appears to me that you love the Kelly more than the birkin and also that you want the birkin because it is a birkin or ??? aside from your likes, i think given that you already said that you will carry lots of items in your bag, birkin 35 may be too heavy for you to carry for extended period of time.

    may I suggest you try both in the store and compare the pros and cons and pick the one that really sing to you! remember, you can always come back next year to get the other one! (but be forewarned, it is a very slippery slope, you may not wait that long for your next h! :P)

    good luck!
  4. You do need to try both -- my 35 kelly doesn't hold nearly as much as my 35 birkins.
  5. Birkin all d way ..
  6. 35 birkin fits more and is easier to get in and out of. But if you're looking for a versatile day to night bag, get a 35 Kelly sellier
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    35 is the most comfortable size for birkin and kelly both in my personal experience .but I have to say that after being a birkin addict and having found love for the Kelly in the last year .i have to say Kelly and here's why.

    1- the fact that it has 1handle helps me balance the weight better when it's on my arm

    2-the fact that the Kelly has a more structured shape both sellier and retourne keep there shape so much more.

    4-when I'm tired I put on the shoulder strap and it helps a lot believe me!

    5-people always say it's easier to get in and out of the birkin but that's only if you leave the birkin open if not it's more of a hastle the Kelly is fast to open and i must say also a lot safer

    6-my kellys play more they look great during the day time and even better in the evening

    7- and last the corners on my kellys for some reason suffer much less than the ones on my kellys and 35 in a kelly is the best size

    As always hope it helps darling birkel.
  8. ^ita w/ all the above:yes: .. try a 35 Kelly Lakis;)
  9. I love the kelly there is something about it's ease,chicness and simplicity. It says more of "classic" to me than the birkin. have always loved the kelly. Good luck in your purchase. I am hoping on getting one too soon.
  10. Birkin all the way!
  11. this helps me a lot too. thanks
  12. Thanks everyone!
  13. I just tried on a 35cm Birkin and a 35cm Kelly the other day, and the big difference for me was the depth of the Birkin vs the Kelly (how far it juts out from the body). Kelly definitely has a slimmer profile, so I feel I would bang up the corners less; plus, there's the shoulder strap if I need both hands while shopping. Like Tillie said, though, a Kelly is not one that you can load up to the gills like a Birkin. The 35cm Birkin is just roomy enough that I can fit everything I need without squeezing everything together, but in most leathers, it's going to be awfully heavy. Both are nice looking bags, but such different styles, you really need to try them on to know. Good luck, and welcome to the Hermes forum!!
  14. Love both but if you are getting a Kelly for the shoulder option, may I suggest one of the new ones which comes with a canvas strap - it's more comfortable than the thin one the Kelly normally comes with and saves you from ordering one separately.


    Taken from this thread:

    That said, a Birkin definitely holds more and I find the two handles more comfortable than the single thicker one on the Kelly when forearm carried.

    Best to try both on - they're both beautiful, you can't go wrong!